7 Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 5% Can Solve


There are a lot of ways to check one’s Intelligence. To know how genius someone is, give them a simple IQ test consisting of 40 standard questions. Now you are probably thinking where would I find one? Don’t worry we got you covered because we too don’t know.

But wait, if you solve these 7 mystery riddles you will be counted among 5% genius of people in the world.  You bring out your thinking caps, your magnifying glass, the smoking pipe and call up your Dr Watson. It is time for some Sherlocking.

We will go easy on you, let’s start with the simplest one first

1. Jack and the Jail.


Jack has been jailed for his work deeds. What he finds in his cell are lots of dirt and a shovel. It is too hot and dry and poor Jack won’t be getting any food or water soon. The only way he can see the world is a window which is too high to climb. So, the problem is, if he stays in he will die to starve. The only viable way is to escape within three days.

Ah here comes the teaser, you probably thought of digging a tunnel, right?  There is no option of digging out as it will take more than two days to dig a tunnel out of the cell.

Hurry up the time is running, and Jack needs your help.


2. Mrs Smith and her stolen Necklace


When Mrs Smith came home from a lovely dinner, she found her vintage necklace stolen. When the police arrived at the crime scene, they found Mrs. Smith was really and she was crying. According to the investigation report, there was no sign of a break-in, neither there were misplaced locks nor any replaced door. The only clue for the police to find the culprit was a broken window, a fallen vase near the window and some footprints around it. The room looked too messy and disturbed.

Here is the shocking part. The very next day police closed the case while arresting Mrs Smith for scam and fraud.  Why so? Why did the police arrest the victim of the crime? Let’s see if your smart brain can find the reason

3. Killer at Mayfield High.


It was the first day at Mayfield High. All the students were excited to be back at the school but alas the happiness faded when they all heard that their favorite geography teacher was murdered. The local police investigated the murder and explored the school for clues.

They found four potential suspects. The cranky gardener, the macho coach, the shy math teacher and even the school principal. The twist is that they all had strong alibis to explain themselves. The Gardner was in the park cutting the grass while the coach was playing basketball. The math teacher was taking a mid-year quiz and the principle was in his office.

Everybody was shocked and confused. Who was the killer of the poor geography teacher? But the justice was served, and police found out the real killer. Have you? Come on hurry up.

4. Mid-summer Murder.


There lived an old man in the suburbs, alone and away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. He was very lonely and sad. He rarely came out of the house and he never mingled with the few neighbors he had.

On a hot mid-summer Friday, when the mailman came to deliver the mail. He knocked on the door and even called for the old man. But there was no reply. Everything was silent. The mailman was curious, so he walked to the window and looked through it. He found the old man drowned in the pool of blood.

The police arrived, they found two bottles of warm milk, one bottle of cold milk and a Tuesday’s newspaper. The headlines in the Saturday’s newspaper showed that the police had captured the killer of the old man. Who was the killer? How did the police come to the verdict so quickly? What was the mistake made by the murderer? What is your idea?


5. The red one or the blue one?


A mad serial killer was on the loose. He kidnapped people and trapped them in a cell. Later he gave them two pills, one red and one blue and a glass of water to take the pill with it. One contained poison and the other one was harmless. The game was that whichever pill the victim would choose, the killer would take the other pill.

Whatever pill the victim chose, they always died while the killer always lived. This continued for a very long time. The victim always chooses the poisonous pill while the killer got the harmless pill.  What was the deal? Was the killer immortal? Why did he never die? Can you guess the right answer and solve this mystery?

6. Friend or a foe


It was a freezing day at Eddington. John was bored at home, so he thought about visiting his friend Sam. Sam lived in a cottage around the corner. When John arrived, he rang the bell and even knocked on the door and. But nobody answered. John thought maybe Sam was outside, but he saw that there was light inside the room through the frozen window. To see more clearly, he breathes on the window and sees Sam lying on the floor dead. Surprisingly, the police captured the main suspect of the crime and it turned out that John was the main suspect in the murder of his friend Sam.

Why did the police catch, John? He was the first one to arrive, wasn’t he? That’s for you to solve, you genius.


7. Murder at Breaking Bad


One day some really shocking news hit the city. A very renowned chemist was found dead in his lab.  The police thought it was a murder. They found no evidence in the lab except for a paper with the names of some chemical ingredients on it. On the day when the famous chemist was murdered, he was visited by three people who were really close to him. The first one was his dear wife Mary, the second was his favorite nephew Nicholas and the third one was his best friend Johnathan. The efficient police caught the murderer right away! How did they know who it was?

HINT: The name of the ingredients on the paper were Carbon, Oxygen, Nickel, Lanthanum, and Sulfur. Take a closer look the clue is right under your nose.


So, you now have read all the mysteries. Time to reveal the answers

1.Jack and the Jail.

The answer was easy peasy. All Jack had to do was to pile up all the dirt under the window and climb out. He would have escaped the jail quite easily. Well, that’s some laugh on the security guards. Did you get it right?

2.Mrs. Smith and her stolen Necklace

Mrs. Smith left a clue behind that lead to her capture. She set up the whole scene herself, creating a mess around the room to make it look like a robbery but she made a mistake. She broke the window from the inside and there were no pieces of glass near the window. If someone had come from outside they would have broken the window and shattered glass would be found on the floor.

3.Killer at Mayfield High.

The killer was non-other than our shy math teacher. There was a hitch in his alibi. As it was the first day of the school, he told the police a lie that he was taking a mid-year quiz.

4.Mid-summer Murder.

The mailman was intelligent and almost got away with the murder scheme. He knew that nobody in the house would read the newspaper on Wednesday and Thursday. That is why he came only on Friday.

5.The red one or the blue one?

You probably thinking how the killer got away every time. He tricked the victims into thinking the pills were poisoned but instead it was the water which he gave to the victims was poisoned.

6.Friend or a foe

John didn’t think it through. He was lying. He could never unfreeze the glass. The ice is always on the inside of the window.

7.Murder at Breaking Bad

This was a bit tricky but if you look closely you can find the answer. The generic names of the chemicals give the name of the killer.

Nickel: Ni

Carbon: C

Oxygen: O

Lanthanum: La

Sulphur: S

It was Nicholas his favorite nephew! Who would have thought that?

How many were you able to guess? Are you a genius?

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7 Mystery Riddles Only the Smartest 5% Can Solve

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