What Happens to Your Body If You Drink a Glass of Wine Every Night

The internet has been taken by a storm after a recent new study was conducted by doctors on alcohol consumption. According to this, although hard liquor is bad for human health there are tremendous advantages of wine. Doctors believe that drinking wine regularly, and naturally moderately, can help the body in numerous ways including:

A lowered risk of heart attack.

Heightened cognitive activity.

Better metabolism.

A boost in immune system.

Regulating blood sugar levels.

Wine lovers were overjoyed as is understandable. However, some decided to take this little a�?hypothesisa�� for a test run before they could really trust it as a lifestyle change. For this study to be put to test, it was necessary to have a glass of red or white wine every single night with dinner. Here are some of the effects reported:

Disturbed sleep cycle


A lot of people reported that they experienced a disturbed sleeping cycle. Most of these people usually had no trouble falling asleep but typically after the 3rd or 4th day of their experiment, most of them woke up in the middle of the night. They were unable to get back to sleep right away and finally dozed off after tossing and turning for 15 minutes to half an hour. More than half of them experienced this for only a week until they re-adjusted and didna��t wake up at night again.

A change in concentration levels


After the experiment was over a lot of people complained about being unable to concentrate on their work like they used to be able to before the experiment. During and after the experiment, they regulated their blood pressure levels regularly and it showed no spike. However, there was a general feeling of mild fatigue in the evenings.

Feeling guilty

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Many people who werena��t regular drinkers observed that they had a guilty conscience every time they poured themselves a drink with dinner. It felt like something they wouldna��t normally do and they felt guilty about indulging themselves.

Social activity


Most of the people in this experiment usually had a drink with their friends on a night out rather than drink by themselves at home, alone. So during the course of it, they felt less compelled or tempted to the idea of going out because they were already getting the drink at home.

Skin problems


More than half the people reported an acne breakout, mild rash and weight gain. Quite a few also observed darker circles around the eyes.

Good wine tastes great with good food and good company. There is no harm in having a glass by yourself but do not make that a habit and do not drink too much!

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What Happens to Your Body If You Drink a Glass of Wine Every Night

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