Daily exercises for women over 40

According to Ken Fox, Professor of Exercise and Health Science at Bristol University, the middle age is an important time for us to finally start taking our health and well-being seriously. Sometime around when you hit your 40s the body muscles slowly start degenerating, decreasing in muscle mass and the body begins to deposit fats. With minor lifestyle changes, regular exercises and changes in diet a person can easily overcome these early signs of aging. Following are some exercises to incorporate in life:



As you age, your metabolism slows down which causes a number of disorders. High intensity cardio exercises make sure that your metabolism rate stays on track. To prevent your metabolism from slowing down, do burpees at least twice a week. Start off slow and then gradually increase sets once you feel comfortable with this cardio workout.



Due to the gradual decrease of muscle mass as we age the muscles all over the body tend to sag. This also includes the muscles in your butt. In order to maintain a nice bubble butt despite your age, squat daily. Once you build the stamina for it, you can repeat sets of 5 to 8 squats 3 to 4 times a day.



Not only will planking tone your muscles in the abs and the stomach but it also works wonders for relieving back pain. As the midsection tightens it supports the lower back in a much better manner. Do this exercise three times a week for 90 seconds when you are first starting out. Check this video out for planking for beginners.

Pushing dumbbells

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Strength training is one of the ways to relieve body of join pain before it even becomes a thing you have to worry about. Strength training doesna��t mean you have to press heavy weights. Simply lifting 1-3 kgs twice or thrice a week will do the trick as well.

Glute bridge


This exercise roots from principles of yoga. A sedentary lifestyle slows down metabolism and the glutes in the hips are especially affected by this. A glute bridge exercise will keep the hip muscles toned and exercised. Check out these recommended glute bridges for women.

Elliptical machine


Cardio is great for keeping the body in shape and in order to keep your metabolism working properly it is important that you exercise at 80% of your maximum heart rate for at least 30 minutes 2-3 times a week. An elliptical machine can help you achieve that easily.



A sedentary lifestyle doesna��t bring any good news with it. Having an inactive routine will takes its toll out on your physical as well as emotional health. If you cana��t exercise regularly due to one reason or another at least try and walk around the block once or twice a day.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you can simply walk to the store for groceries then ditch the car. Simple lifestyle changes can help a great deal in keep you active throughout the day.



The benefits of yoga do not need to be listed here but just in case you want a reminder here they are:

Increasing muscle flexibility

Toning and strengthening muscles

Improved respiration and energy

Weight reduction

Balanced metabolism

Cardio and circulatory health

Yoga is a wholesome exercise for the mind and body which shows lasting, impactful results.

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Daily exercises for women over 40

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