Stay Loose on Long Flights with These Easy Exercises

We often board planes with high spirits and feeling excited for the vacations. However, it’s always a different story by the time we get off the planes. We feel fatigue as we’ve been to a war, generally pale and the body aching tremendously. The actual things that our body experiences surprising to say the least, from soreness to dehydration. Every organ of your body affects by the 35,000 feet high ride. Cherry on top if it’s a long haul flights to far away destinations.

But, there are actual tips and tricks to avoid that dreaded jet lag and those lethargy pangs that follow a long flight. Following are some tried and tested ways to reduce the toll our bodies take during these journeys.

Since you’ll be inactive for a while, stretch your legs on any opportunity you get.

The stomach is generally not working at its full potential so it’s difficult to digest in the sky.

Ensure you’re wearing enough layers that can help you with the changing temperatures in different time zones.

Excessive tea and coffee aggravates dehydration

Keep your blood flowing with these simple in-flight exercises:

a. Lift both feet off the ground

b. Rotate in circles

c. Repeat five times

a. Keep both heels on the floor and point the toes upwards

b. Keep both toes on the floor and raise heels upwards

a. Bend forward slightly and lift your knee towards your chest

b. Hold this position for 15 secs then repeat with other leg

a. Raise shoulders and rotate in a circular motion

a. Tilt your head side-to-side

b. Roll your neck backwards and forwards

a. Bend forward touching your chest to your thighs

b. Hold for a 15 seconds

a. Every moment you get try going for a stroll down the aisle