7 Things Your Pee Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health


For some this might seem strange but each and every time we go the washroom and take a leak we are able judge our health. Just by looking at the color of our urine we are in a position to judge how well our body is doing or in the worst case if we need medical attention of any sorts.

All we need to know is what the different colors mean for our health. One the brighter side of things we are able to stop potential problems from snowballing if we just take a look at the color of our urine and get medical attention if need be before things get out of hand.



Certain type of drugs such as those used in chemotherapy, anti-inflammatory drugs and certain kinds of laxatives can cause the urine to turn orange in color. Too much vitamin B2 could also be the reason. Another possible reason can be that you had too many carrots. The remedies are not too tough.

Firstly, have plenty of water.

Secondly, see if your eyes are getting a bit yellowish. That could be a sign that there is a problem with your liver and in which case you should seek immediate medical attention.

Reddish and/ or pink


On seeing pink urine or reddish urine one might be become alarmed and scared. It is does not mean however that there is any cause for alarm. The reasons could be due to certain medications you may be taking or certain food. The reasons for the strange color are.

The Food we eat has an effect on our urine. Blackberries and beetroot for instance lead to this and there is no reason to panic. If it does not get fixed in a day then go to the doctor.

Some types of medicines used in the treatment of TB can cause urine to turn reddish in color. Other possible causes can be Phenazopyridine and some types of laxatives.

Lastly, blood might be causing your urine to turn red. If that is the case then you are in trouble and need urgent medical attention as the cause of blood being there could be any host of potential problems from urinary tract infection to tumors. Kidney stones or other serious trouble. Medical attention is a must.

Green or blue


This one does not happen very often. Potential reasons for it however can be.

The food we eat in particular food that may have been dyed. This should not be a major cause for concern and should be all good in one or two days.

Medication can also be a potential culprit in this.

If it is neither of these then you might have a problem such as a urinary tract infection and should go to a doctor right away.


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If your urine is somewhat brownish in color than probably you need to drink more water. Other possible reasons can be fava beans and rhubarb. However it is best to get a checkup in particular if it does not get better even after having had copious amounts of water. You might have trouble with either your kidneys or your liver.

In case you also have abdominal pain, seizures and rashes that you might have a genetic issue on your hands. In addition, there are chances that there might be a tumor.

Foamy urine


This is usually not much of a problem and is often more about the speed at which you urinate than anything else. However, if this is a recurring problem that just to safe do go to the doctor just to make sure your kidneys are fine.



If your urine has no color whatsoever and looks like water out of a tap than that is your problem right there you have been having way too much water and are in fact over hydrated. This although is not a serious problem it send the salts in the body off balance and it is best to start cutting back on your water consumption.

Dark yellow, transparent yellow and pale yellow


These are the colors it should be means that you are in good health and have nothing to worry about.

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7 Things Your Pee Is Trying to Tell You About Your Health

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