This 7 Exercise Routine Will Strengthen Every Muscle in Only 4 Weeks

Given you do it right, you will see yourself growing in to an ideal physique.

Every year around this time we feel to set goals for the coming year. Fitness goals make it to the top of list for everyone. But this energy fades as the weeks pass by and one forgets about these goals.

We at Tapoos have come up with a quick and simple exercise routine that would fit perfectly in your busy schedule. And in only four week you will feel every muscle of your body growing bigger and stronger.

You don’t need to sign up for gym memberships or spend excessively on home workout equipment. You just need to be determined to give yourself ten minutes in a day.

1. Plank


This exercise is all about holding your position. You wouldn’t be sweating heavily or gasping for air like other intensive exercises. But this is as intensive any workout gets.

Plank strengthens your core and straightens your spine. Get it done right by following the example shown in the picture. Align your elbows with your shoulder. Keep your back straight. Care to not lower your waist and raise your bottom.

All muscles in your abdomen, arms, back and thighs are worked up to keep you in a plank. Every day you will feel your body growing stronger as maintaining a plank will become easier.

2. Push-ups


Move in to the push-up position from the plank. You must keep your hands aligned with your shoulders and your back, bottom and legs straight. Work up your core as you lower your body and raise it up slowly.

3. Alternate leg and hand raises


Support your body on your hands and knees. Align your hands with your shoulders. Keep your knees right beneath your hips. Slowly stretch one arm and the alternate leg as shown in the picture. The important thing is to keep your torso balanced. Repeat for each leg and arms. You will be amazed at the results within days.

4. Squats


Begin this exercise by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Balance your body by aligning your weight on the soles of your feet. Slowly move down.

Your knees should never get ahead of your toes. If you experience difficulty balancing, raise your arms keeping them straight in front of you. Let your body decide how low you should go.

You will see improvement in your thighs and back with in the first week. And you will find it easier to hold your position and lift your weight.

5. Ab toning exercise


Just lie down straight on your back and stretch your arms over your head. Once settled raise your leg bent at the knee and touch it with one hand. Keep the other arm and leg stretched straight.

Always remember to move slowly in to position and out of it. The rule is to not feel a jerk in any joint.

6. Downward leg raisers


Get in to the downward dog position as shown in the picture. Form a triangle with your body as you prop on your hands and feet.

Raise one leg as high as you can. Make sure to keep your leg straight at the knee. Then pull your leg slowly towards your chest and get back to the initial position. Alternate each leg to work muscles on both sides.

7. Waist twists


The initial position is very important in this exercise. Place your legs wide apart. Bend your knees slightly with your back straight against the wall.

Hold a ball as shown in the picture and twist your waist to each side. The goal is to touch the wall with the ball while keeping your posture upright.

The Four-Week Routine

Week 1:

A six day plan:
2 minute plank
1 minute Push-ups
1 minute Alternate leg and hand raises
1 minute Squats
1 minute ab toning exercise
1 minute downward leg raisers
1 minute Waist twists
2 minute plank

Week 2:

Switch between sets for every alternate day of the week.

Set 1:
3 minute plank
3 minute ab toning exercise
3 minute downward leg raisers

Set 2:
3 minute Waist twists
3 minute Push-ups
3 minute Squats
3 minute Alternate leg and hand raises

Week 3:
Follow week 1 routine.

Week 4:
Follow week 2 routine.

Given you do it right, you will see yourself growing to an ideal physique. And within no time your body will be telling you to double your work out.

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This 7 Exercise Routine Will Strengthen Every Muscle in Only 4 Weeks

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