17 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

Eating too much sugar leaves you at the risk of catching so many serious illnesses and it’s rising day by day. A lot of people don’t even realize that they are addicted to sugar and they end up craving for something sugary and sweet every now and than.

Mostly people assume that only diabetics have blood-sugar levels high. Well that’s not entirely true, and the fact is that anyone can be suffering from it and don’t even notice that it’s harming their organs, nerves and blood vessels.

Are you a sugar addict? Are your sugar intake is rather huge? These are the warning signs you must not ignore.

1. Feeling Tired And Lacking Energy


Feeling tired and lousy all the time or having a constant fatigue is one of the signs of consuming a little too much sugar in your diet.

All that sugar makes you high you start thinking that you are most likely a fabrication of your own imagination. But actually they are likely the sugar sedatives. A chemical in brain that helps you in feeling awake is repressed when you are consuming sugar and it make you feel tired. So what you need to do is to reexamine your diet.

2.Craving For Sugar And Carbs


If you are craving for that sweet taste of the sugary snacks on the regular basis, perhaps it means that you are becoming a sugar addict.

As a reaction of consuming sugar you will end up craving for more sugar, because it’s that highly addictive. If you hear your name being called it must be the carbs, every step you take has a direct effect on your health so open up your mind and don’t let yourself sink deep in the sugar addiction.

3. Depression And Anxiety


Eating sugar in large amount not only affects our body physically but it will make you emotionally busted as well.

As soon as the effects of sugar that boosts up your energy fades away it’s about time for fatigue of the sugar rush to hop in along with the mental fatigue. The sugar addicts also experience the feelings that are associated to depression like being socially unavailable, being lethargic or sad.

And also the feelings that are linked with anxiety like being nervous, worrying constantly and feeling of being left out or made fun off, could also be the result of high sugar intake.

4. Skin Issues And Feet Problems


Sugar aids to the inflammatory skin complications as it has the inflammatory effect on your body when you eat it.

If you have any of the following skin related problem you must cut down on the sugar, as it could be responsible for it.




Excessive Oiliness


Also a little too much of sugar intake could result in the adrenal fatigue and perhaps it causes the dark circles beneath your eyes.

5. Weight Gain And Obesity


Our body can only tolerate a certain amount of sugar. When you try to feed it more than it can actually bear than the sugar-calories end up being stored as the body fat.

Later on it leads towards obesity and weight issues. And with obesity come tons of health problems like high blood pressure and blood cholesterol also heart diseases sleep apnea and so on.

6. Constantly Feeling Hungry


High blood sugar doesn’t let the glucose to enter the cells. Which means that the body is not getting the required energy and that’s why you end up feeling hungry.

And it just not stops right there it will become a vicious circle and you’ll want to eat again and again.

7. Fatigue


Balance is the key to being healthy sugar consumption itself is disease. Excessive intake of sugar is one of the main reasons of being fatigued all the time.

And if your body does not receive proper nutrition the basic mechanisms of your body start to crumble.

You should consider doing exercise and be physically active if you want to get rid of the fatigue, try jumping on trampoline, as it’s essential in the cleaning of blood.

8. Frequent Urination


Like you have to rush to the restroom every five minutes, consider sitting in your office and you have to leave your chair after every little while to go and pee. How frustrating it is, right!

If your blood sugar is super high, your kidneys will totally deny reabsorbing the fluid. And your body is trying so hard to balance the glucose concentration in your blood and the cells. It then thaws the blood with the intracellular fluid resulting in bringing the concentration of glucose to somewhat normal. And it causes frequent urination.

9. Dry Mouth And Feeling Thirsty


Feeling strongly thirsty and having a dry mouth are due to the severe loss of fluid. Hypothalamus is that what assesses the level of dehydration and it causes thirst, telling your brain to go and drink something but it would be best if you have tea or water without any sugar added.

10. Losing Weight


If you have high glucose level you are prone to losing weight within a short span of time. It doesn’t matter if you are eating regular meals containing ample amount of calories, there are various reasons to it,

Loss of fluid due to more frequent urge to pee causes low fluid level in your body. And it can result in weight loss.

If you urinate at a super high level of glucose in a large amount it makes your body to spend rather more calories. And this is why your body than tries to dump the excessive glucose.

If the insulin level of your body is not enough for the glucose uptake your body will automatically start the fat burning process.

11. Virulent Diseases


Yeast infections and the Urinary Tract Infection UTI’s can strike women as well as men. But it’s much more often in women having diabetes or high sugar levels. And consuming large amount of sugar gives a auspicious environment for reproduction of bacteria and yeasts.

12. Dry Skin


Frequent urination causes body to dehydrate to an extent that your skin begins to dry.

The damaged nerves can interrupt the normal function of the sweat glands, and it affects the water balance of skin-water.

13. Blurred Vision


Blurred vision is the outcome of the dehydrating effect because of high blood sugar. And it affects the cells of the eye.

14. Wounds And Cuts Don’t Heal Fast


Vascular damage due to high sugar levels worsens the blood circulation specifically in the limbs and inadequate nutrition of the tissues.

15. Impotence


Having issues in achieving an erection could also be because of high sugar glucose. Healthy erection wants healthy nerves proper blood flow and balanced hormones. Still excessive amount of sugar in blood can negatively affect all these systems.

16. Irritability


People that have high level of sugar in their system tend to be more short-tempered, apprehensive and depressed.

The brain demands a balanced supply of glucose and snappy jumps of its level affect its work damagingly.

Sugar affects the absorption of chromium, another nutrient responsible for the mood. It is required to maintain a stable level of blood sugar because insulin cannot work accurately without it to clean the glucose from the blood.

17. Dental Issue


Basically growing up we all have heard our parents say that sugar is not good for our teeth, and its quite true. If you have to visit your dentist frequently due to the constant cavities that need fillings and root canals. It’s all because of the candy you ate.

The drinks that contain huge amount of sugar in them are the reason behind having those white patches on your teeth. Sugar basically damages the protective enamel of your teeth giving it whitish stain like appearance.

How To Fight The Sugar Addiction


You need to opt the healthy habits if you wish to stay in good shape. You will have to reduce the refined sugar intake and the simple carbs as well.

And if you know what’s not good for your health you should simply avoid it. If you are not sincere with yourself don’t expect anyone else to be. Even after knowing the damage that it causes and you still don’t lose the habit than the only one to blame is you.

There are alternatives available to the processed sugars you should consider opting that. You will feel the difference yourself, as your taste buds will finally be able to value a healthful level of the sweetness.

Stay healthy, stay happy!!

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17 Signs You Are Eating Too Much Sugar

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