Someone Discovered a New Pasta Hack and the Internet Can’t Handle It

Most of us try to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible, sometimes it can’t be avoided. While Ramen noodles and chinese takeaway have made it easier for us to feed ourselves without having to set foot in the kitchen, there are times when you can’t help but man the stove. However, when you finally make your way into the kitchen, you realize how ill equipped the constant takeouts have made you to deal with real life. You don’t know what half of the utensils in the kitchen are called, and the other half while looks vaguely familiar, is as alien in its usage to you as anything else there. The fact that half the things have impossible names doesn’t really

help your cause. I mean, what even is a colander and what does it even do?

Pasta as our savior

At times like these, easy to make things like pasta come to the rescue. Who can ever say no to a good old pot of mac and cheese, am I right? Pasta is your savior no matter what your hunger crisis is. If you’re low on cash, pasta will be nice to your wallet. If you’re lazy and find it hard to get up to make something, yet crave a home cooked meal, pasta will help you. If you’re planning to host a party for your friends and need to make something low fuss, but also something that will please your highly picky friends, pasta has got you. Pasta is the low maintenance, high reward friend we all need in our life.

Pasta is one thing we all thought we had figured out well enough. After all, most of us do survive on different variations on pasta all week. However, the universe just managed to catch us all off guard. A few days ago, a pasta straining hack just hit the internet, and we couldn’t be more surprised. Are we really not as good chefs as we thought we were? Cue the exaggerated gasps, please.

How it all started

It all started with a simple tweet. Someone with the Twitter handle @Daibella shared a cooking hack she came across on Facebook that was so shocking that most of us started hyperventilating about it. Daibella claims that in her 29 years alive, she has come across many things, from catastrophes to tolerating Justin Timberlake’s hair in the 90s, but nothing had ever shaken her up emotionally as much as this realization. As it turns out, we have been using strainers the wrong way all our lives. Instead of just dumping the water and noodles straight away in the strainer, turns out that we are supposed to be putting the strainer into the pot and adjusting it into the lid so that when we tip it over, all the water drains out. When you think of all the times you waddled around your kitchen, looking for something to strain your pasta in while splashing hot water all over yourself, it hurts to think it could have all been avoided with one simple hack.

Prepare To Have Your Mind Blown

How the magic happens

You start by adjusting the strainer so that it lies on top of the pot you need to strain, and holding both the handles together. After that, you proceed to tip the pot over, with the strainer still attached on top. Long gone are the days when you had to pour hot boiling water into the strainer all while hoping that some of it doesn’t splash onto you, burning your flesh. You won’t even have to keep switching your noodles from one pot to another, having dirty dishes pile onto your sink. If there was ever a better win-win situation, we haven’t heard of it yet.

People all over social media are losing their minds and rightfully so. Who knew that making pasta could get any easier?

DJ Khaled knows what’s up

You and us both girl

We can’t believe it either.

Is this what denial looks like?

The people who can’t see the truth for what it is often try to make it sound like a lie. This gentleman right here has his eyes clouded over with disbelief and is acting like this is all just some big conspiracy to get people to buy more strainers.

Same, dawg.

Took the words right out of our mouths

Of course where there are people who will follow the light, there will be people who will pretend to ignore it just so they can stay in the darkness for a little longer. For people willing to live in blissful ignorance, here are a few people who sympathise with you.

Why do some people have to ruin everything

Some people just can’t see the world being happy.

Live and let live, girl

It is one thing to not follow a new trend, and completely another to ignore something that could potentially make your life a lot easier. Some people really are stubborn beyond reason.

To each their own, Bex

You shouldn’t let all the haters get to you. We don’t know about you, but we would do whatever it takes to make our lives in the kitchen a little better. In that same spirit, here are a few kitchen hacks to make your life a little easier!

The workflow triangle


As a piece of advice on her official website, Martha Stewart enunciated upon the sheer importance of what she calls “the workflow triangle.” This actually refers to the placement of the refrigerator, counter, and sink in your kitchen space. This configuration is supposed to be designed with the intent to create easy access to all the places you will have to move between continuously while preparing a meal.

Create work zones


Bethany Wright, a regular Contributor at, said that she tries to create separate work zones in her workspace in an attempt to make the cooking process more efficient. The things needed specifically for food prep, like the blender, chopping board and food processor all sit together in a region that is within arm’s reach of the supplies and measuring tools you use frequently. The key to nailing this method is to group the things that you often use together and keep them close to each other.

Keep things in easy access


A piece of advice on how to manage your home featured on Real Simple publications was shown to recommend keeping all of the things that you use most frequently somewhere where they are easily accessible. For instance, you would gain an advantage if you were to keep all your large wooden spoons, spatulas and other mixing utensils in a container on your counter. That way you could reach for the exact tool, in the least amount of time. The same hack holds true for organizing your pots and pans. You should always keep the ones you use the most near your sight.

Use clear containers to store essentials


If you tend to bake a lot, chances are you always have an abundance of the baking basics in your kitchen. Keeping things like flour, sugar and nuts in clear containers means that you can always reach for them whenever you want. Not only do they also look pretty on your shelves, you will also know when they are running low and you can replace them before they run out. Never again will you have to stop your baking mid process just because you have realized that you don’t have enough flour.

Always keep cleaning supplies close by


You never know when you might slip up and spill something in your kitchen, destroying your work space. From a sickly sweet spill that lingers on forever, to a greasy oil spill you can’t seem to wash off, cleaning supplies are god’s gift to mankind. Martha Stewart, an obvious expert in this field is all for keeping cleaning supplies on hand. However, she also believes in the less is more strategy and believes that you don’t need a lot to accomplish a lot. She thinks that essential cleaning tools include a universal cleaner for everyday stains, an abrasive cleaner for the tougher stains, a normal sponge, a wire sponge and a pair of good old rubber gloves. Keep them close at hand and there will never be a spill or a stain that you can’t handle.

Bench scrapers are a wise investment


Bench scrapers are one of those things that seem like a splurge at first, but when you get one, you start to wonder how you ever managed without them. Not only can you use it to scrape your workspace clean, but you can also use it to maneuver large quantities of flimsy ingredients from one point to another.Moreover, it can also be used to divide large batches of dough. If all these benefits don’t make you rush to the nearest store to get your hands on your very own bench scraper, we don’t know what will! It really is something no kitchen should be without.

A portable trash can is the way to go


The way to a clean kitchen is to be methodical about waste disposal. Instead of waiting for trash to pile up, you should throw things right as you are done with them. A portable trash can means that you will never be too lazy to go to the trash can, because it will always be right next to you. Instead of having vegetable peels pile up on your counter, or eggs shells loiter around on your shelf, you can just throw them straight in the trash can, minimizing waste to a great degree. Not having to continuously walk back and forth between the trash can will mean you will be more motivated to dispose things off more efficiently, rather than delaying it.

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Someone Discovered a New Pasta Hack and the Internet Can’t Handle It

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