In our opinion, sandwiches are so underrated when it comes to knocking up something quick, healthy and very very tasty. Forget all those sandwiches that you go out and pay good money for, nothing can beat a sandwich that you have made yourself with delicious, fresh ingredients. Not only is it way cheaper but you know exactly what is going between those 2 slices of your favorite bread and can rest assured there is nothing lurking in there that shouldn’t be! This tuna and celery sandwich has become a firm lunchtime favorite for us at Tapoos tower. It really is a taste sensation. Tuna, crunchy celery, 2 different kind of onion, cheese, mayo, seasoning; there is nothing not to like with this sandwich!


185g canned tuna

100g celery stalks

25g spring onions

20g onions

20g cheese

20g mayonnaise

Italian Seasoning

4 slices of brown or wholemeal bread

tomato and salad leaves


1: Combine the tuna, celery, onions, spring onions, cheese and mayonnaise in a large bowl.

2: Mix well with a fork or a spoon and add the Italian seasoning to taste.

3: Spread the mixture over your slices of brown bread.Top with lettuce leaves and tomato slice and another slice of bread. Serve immediately or wrap well if you are taking them to work with you for lunch.