4 Before And After Pics That Show Anything Is Possible

We are always trying to look good and be in better shape. There are always some aspects of our bodies we may want to change or improve. Weight loss is one of the biggest challenges since it really takes patience and perseverance to overcome the challenges in this journey. We often set out strong and all motivated but after some time we lose the steam and take up the old habits again which make us slide back to where we had originally started.

However, some individuals keep their eyes on the prize and dona��t let distractions or old habits weaken their resolve. These people are what we can refer to as the survivors who fought with their own selves, stepped out of their comfort zone and actually managed to make their dream a reality.

The following pictures are from a reddit community titled a�?Progress Picsa�? where individuals document their weight loss journey with photos at the beginning and after the efforts. Sometimes such pictures are necessary to even remind the person who has done so much weight loss that how far they have come in their quest for fitness.

The thing is to just focus on your goals and not let small things throw you off your goals. You may feel as though you cana��t carry on anymore. There will be slips and days where you will skip workout but the key to success is to get back up dust yourself down and again start moving towards your goals. The following people kept at it and the results speak for themselves.

1. Losing over 200 pounds


This amazing transformation speaks volumes about dedication and hard work and effort in the right direction could bring about a change. She lost a huge amount of weight going down from 444lbs to 190lbs. This would have required great discipline and will power to continue.

This motivation is one of the strongest component in your training which can carry you to the finish line and make you achieve your results and not lose hop while putting in the work every day. She is still keeping a close eye on her weight as she shared how it is susceptible to fluctuation hence diet and exercise must be well balanced.

2. She kept at it for two whole years


At the starting she was 225lbs and it took two years to finally hit the ideal weight. The journey of losing half of the 255lbs would have its fair share of problems and struggles but the sacrifices all well worth the results now. Only the first few steps are difficult, once you are moving you will find it easier to complete your workout.

3. Hitting the Target Weight Second Time and Hopefully Keep it There

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She lost almost 90 pounds in order to join the military as she aspired to become military personnel. Losing 90lbs when originally weighing 212lbs is no mean feat which shows her interest in the military. However she got a rejection and not being able to cope with the news she broke down and gained weight moving up to 242lbs.

The above picture is where she is at her heaviest and the transformation is actually quite unbelievable. This user has also started a subreddit aptly named a�?own ita�� dedicated for sharing weight loss tips and tricks and also healthier food options.

4. He came down from 660lbs to 285lbs


This guy used to wear 8xl clothes and reading about his struggle with food and how he took the initiative of healthier lifestyle is inspiring to say the least. He used the food as an emotional outlet binge eating when feeling depressed or down which resulted in him putting on 660lbs at his heaviest.

The transformation journey was a slow and arduous task but he kept at it sincerely and the dedication, hard work and commitment led him to lose weight down to 285lbs. The picture on the right is at 285lbs. Now he is gearing towards his ideal weight of 195lbs and probably will achieve it too given the progress so far.

The amount of years he added to his life through this amazing transformation are well worth it and an inspiration to many others.

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4 Before And After Pics That Show Anything Is Possible

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