7 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Lipstick

Lipsticks are the first thing that pop to the mind when someone talks about makeup. This is because a slash of color across your lips makes a huge difference in your overall appearance. Did you see a lip color on Beyonce that you absolutely loved and rushed to order but it didna��t look all that good on you when you tried it on? Does it also happen to you that some lip colors become favorites because they look great on you while some tubes dona��t even get a second chance?

This is because each of us has a different skin tone and undertone. The kind of tones we have determines the shade, intensity and type of lipstick that will look good on us. So how do we pick the right shade and color according to our skin?

Determine your skin tone


The first step is to find out your skin tone. Basically, there are five types of skin tones including fair, light, medium, tan and deep. People with fair and light skin tones look better in shades of peaches, pinks, dusted nudes and reds. Shades of mauve, rose and cherry red compliment medium skin toned people like no other. Tan and dark complexions should opt for muted shades like deep pink, browns, nudes, deep plum and warm caramel.

Determine the undertone


There are two really simple ways of determining your skin undertone: the vein test and the jewelry test. Take a close look at your veins just below your wrist. Blue and purple veins indicate a cool toned skin and green veins usually mean a warm toned skin. If it is difficult to determine whether you have blue veins or green then this means that you have a neutral skin tone. The other way of determining undertone is by observing if gold jewelry looks better on you than silver jewelry. People with warm undertones usually look better in gold and people with cool and neutral undertones look better in silver.

The lip shape


If you have asymmetrical lips, use a lip pencil to correct the shape and then apply a lipstick. People with a heavier upper lip should apply a bright shade on the bottom lip and a slightly dark shade of the same lipstick on the upper lip. Those with a heavier bottom lip should blend in some nude shade in the center of their upper lip with their choice of lipstick.

Size of the lips


People with plump lips should avoid lipsticks with a glossy texture. For thin lips avoid dark and flashy colors as they will bring attention to the small size of the lips. Instead opt for softer shades in a creamier texture.

Hair color


Believe it or not the color of your hair has a great deal to do with what lipstick looks better on you:

Red hair: shades of coral and terracotta

Brown hair: shades of salmon and dusty pinks.

Blond hair with fair skin: shades of scarlet and bright pink.

Blond hair with tan and deep skin: shades of warm pink and caramel.

Dark hair with fair skin: shades of cherry red, bright pink and dusty peaches.

Dark hair with tan and deep skin: shades of plum, burgundy and deep raspberry.

Eye color


The color of your eye determines to a great deal what shade of lipstick is best suited to the overall balance of colors on your face:

Grey: shades of nude and hazel

Green eyes: shades of crimson and pink.

Blue eyes: shades of peachy pinks and warm scarlet.

Brown and black eyes: deep, velvet reds and warm browns.

The color of teeth

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Everyone has a different shade of teeth and that definitely plays a huge role in deciding which lip color you can or cannot pull of easily. People with white teeth can pretty much wear all shades but people with a slight yellow tinge should stick to shades of rose, orange and pinks.

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7 Tips to Consider When Choosing the Right Lipstick

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