United Airline ‘Hits’ again, just not literally this time. Dragging people had become too mainstream so they decided to pick up some Disney inspiration this time around. Much like ‘Beauty & the Beast’, United Airline trapped a fully packed flight that was grounded in Miami for 5 hours straight. That was not enough so much like ‘Salt Bae’ they sprinkled some – closing doors, shutting the air conditioner off, not serving food, no updates, no bathroom facilities and shutting the lights off. Because you know, it wouldn’t be fun otherwise.

They changed their marketing strategy from ‘If you can’t beat competition, beat your customers’ approach to ‘I will never let you go’.

Originally, flight 1614 had to board at 1:06 pm, heading towards Newark. Once all the passengers had arrived, flight crew informed them that they would be facing a 45min delay due to maintenance. Which to be honest, to some extent is understandable.

When all the passengers had boarded and the doors had been shut, it was around 2:15 pm. They were updated that there was going to be ‘another’ delay for 15 minutes – That’s what they never said.

And hour and a half later, the passengers started to feel like a thanksgiving turkey heating up in the oven. Burning under the Miami heat with no water and no ventilation an elderly woman ended up having a heat stroke.

It doesn’t end here, another two hours later the plane crawled back to the terminal. The passengers got off to finally get some air at the airport. After 30 mins of coming back to their senses from all the disorientation and suffocation, they boarded again to end up in the same plane stuck again. Yes, seems like a bad relationship where you keep going back to your manipulative ex. So familiar. An hour later to that, the plane finally took off.

People were still showing the epitome of ‘patience’ when the flight attendant came to give out luke-warm water.

Later to compensate, United Airlines offered $150 vouchers for future travel. Clearly, it was an offer they couldn’t refuse. Super excited to avail this opportunity.

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