Only a Real Genius Can Guess the Movie from the Riddle


My dear readers. Are you good at knowing the movies by their dialogues and certain clues? If yes then this quiz is just for you. Even if you are not you can always give it a try. Let’s find out how many of your answers are actually correct!

  1. He is holding a list in his hands which will save thousand lives
  2. Schindler’s list
  3. The bucket List
  4. Haunted list
  5. The list
  6. In order to stay safe the young ones should stay alert as the man who has steel claws might attack them
  7. Dream catcher
  8. Night of the Dead
  9. The nightmare on Elm street
  10. Street kings
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  12. It feel amazing to open a Love letter everyday like 365 days of love letters. This amazing movie was…
  13. 365 days of summer
  14. The notebook
  15. Message in a bottle
  16. Love letters
  17. He is not a bird neither plane but is our favorite super hero. Can you guess who is he?
  18. Superman
  19. The Incredibles
  20. X-Men
  21. Iron man
  22. All humans possess five senses touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight. But who has six?
  23. The Eye
  24. The Fourth kind
  25. The sixth sense
  26. Close encounters of the third kind
  27. The world is dazed because the powerful gods are at war. Hmmm can you guess?
  28. World War
  29. Clash of the Titans
  30. Dragon Wars
  31. The war of the Worlds
  32. Humans should be prepared for the end of the world is near. The name of this one was?
  33. 1942
  34. The Millennium War
  35. 2012
  36. The Century
  37. This place is the one where history gets its life at night. Sounds creepy right?
  38. Night at the Museum
  39. Toy story
  40. National Treasure
  41. Wax Museum
  42. Someone is watching over you everywhere….
  43. Wrong turn
  44. Cabin Fever
  45. The hills have eyes
  46. The Blair witch project
  47. These are four fashionistas and glamorous ladies. But the challenges they face are just like those experienced by normal women as well. Yea give it a try!
  48. Project Runway
  49. Sex and the City
  50. Now and then
  51. The Devil wears Purdah
  52. Life your life fully before you are involved in the game of life and death. Scarey? This movie was….
  53. The Game
  54. Saw
  55. The Race
  56. The silence of the lambs
  57. You might find a Christmas icon living in the far north. 1 2 3 Guess this one!
  58. The Wizard of Oz
  59. The Hogwarts train
  60. The Ride
  61. The Polar Express
  62. Do you remember the shortest movie title of this political film of 1969?
  63. M
  64. Z
  65. It
  66. A.I
  67. When this thing sunk in the ocean it ended everything for them be it the dreams or lives. Give it up for…
  68. The Love Boat
  69. Titanic
  70. The Poseidon Adventure
  71. Pirates of the Caribbean
  72. This kid has always enjoyed Christmas alone. I am sure all of you must have watched this many times? This movie was…
  73. Spy kids
  74. Home alone
  75. The Good son
  76. Little Rascals
  77. The love story is only possible when both are on a same page. But this couple seems troubled as the girl is moving forwards while the guy is moving backwards. Any guesses?
  78. The curious case of BB
  79. Time traveller’s wife
  80. Somewhere in time
  81. They are the three most amazing ladies who work for Mr C. They are…
  82. Dead or alive
  83. Charlie’s angel
  84. Hot Chick
  85. Tomb Raider
  86. This girl has been able to light up this family which will later accept her as their family member. Not to forget she also bought music with her. This should be easy isn’t it?
  87. The sound of music
  88. The nanny
  89. Sisters act
  90. Nanny McPhee
  91. The horror icon is believed to possess the ability to crawl when it jumps out of TV what is it?
  92. The ring
  93. Friday the 13th
  94. The Grudge
  95. Anaconda
  96. These confused lovers are not sure whether to go ahead with love or not. So they meet at the Empire State building again to get their minds straight. Do you remember the name?
  97. Meet Me in St. Louis
  98. An Affair to remember
  99. Love is many splendored thing
  100. These explorers decide to take care of the humanity survival by travelling through the wormhole in space. Can you guess who are they?
  101. Inception
  102. Gravity
  103. Interstellar
  104. A space Odyssey
  105. This boy is about to take the most crucial decision about his life while waiting at the station platform. The decision is whether to stay with his mother or his father. If he does not choose anything might occur. Can you predict?
  106. Triangle
  107. Mr.nobody
  108. Magnolia
  109. The butterfly effect
  110. This convict is sent back in time so that he can collect information about this man-made virus. The deadly virus was responsible for leaving most of the human population dead on the planet. Let’s make a guess
  111. Twleve monkeys
  112. Existenz
  113. Dark city
  114. A scanner darkly
  115. This is the story of a man who is struggling to find the murderer of his wife. But his biggest problem is the short-term memory loss which he has to deal with. Does this make it easier for you to guess the movie?
  116. Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind
  117. Dark city
  118. Shutter island
  119. Momento
  120. This is the story of five criminals who met each other accidently at a random police line-up and ended up fighting a horrible gun battle on a boat. The story is narrated by the lucky sole survivor. Come on give it a try!
  121. The usual suspects
  122. Reservoir dogs
  123. Heat
  124. The way of gun
  125. This boy is struggling with his life. He is desperate to look out for a medical cure which will help him to save his wife’s life who is affected by cancer. This was..
  126. The fountain
  127. Stay
  128. The jacket
  129. Clint Mansell
  130. These friends are entrepreneurs who are trying to invent something better than they have already made. They are four in number and are aiming to become more innovative then at present. Let’s make a wild guess!
  131. Slipstream
  132. Primer
  133. Looper
  134. Time crimes
  135. This computer hacker is a student of the mysterious rebels about the reality of his nature. Do you remember what the name was?
  136. The matrix
  137. Ghost in the shell
  138. V for Venedetta
  139. The matrix reloaded
  140. This soldier’s soul gets trapped in someone else’s body and then is surprised to find out that he is part of the government program who are working to find the bomber of a commuter train. He only has 8 minutes to accomplish this task. Can you guess the name of this famous movie?
  141. Source code
  142. Déjà vu
  143. Eagle Eye
  144. Life
  145. This thief is able to get hold of corporate secrets by using dream sharing technology. Afterwards he is given the task to planting a task in the CEO’s mind. This one is…
  146. The Machinist
  147. The thirteenth floor
  148. Time crimes
  149. Inception

Your result is:

1-10 points: Aww maybe next time you should be more attentive towards the highlighted words at the start of the movie

11-15 points: Good go man. You have got some of them correct so do not worry. You are on the right track

16-20: You are just there my friend. With a little more attention you can attain the top notch easily

21-30: Dude you rock! You are that little master with great memory yea!


Answer key: 1(a) 2(c) 3(b) 4(a) 5( c ) 6 (b) 7(c) 8 ( a) 9 (c ) 10( d) 11 ( b) 12 ( d) 13 (b) 14( b) 15 ( b) 16( a) 17 (b) 18( a) 19 ( a) 20 ( b) 21(c) 22(b) 23(a) 24(d) 25(a) 26(a) 27(b) 28(a) 29(a) 30(d)

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Only a Real Genius Can Guess the Movie from the Riddle

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