Pick a Feather, Discover What It Says About Your Personality

Uniformity is something which tends to bore us over time. We might like it in the start but eventually we begin to crave diversity. It is a thought that has struck many of us at some point of our lives that the world would be a far less intriguing place had we all been alike with no discernable differences.

Thankfully, no two people are exactly alike. If we all have something in common it is that we are all unique in our own ways. The personality of each and every individual is unique from everyone else. Even identical twins are not really identical even physically much less personality wise. Thus we may have some traits which we share with others but we are all unique and different.

There are however some broad personality types into which people can be and are categorized based on certain traits, preferences and behaviors. One way to identify personality types is by using different shapes and colors.

To identify your personality type a very simple mechanism has been devised. There are five different feathers and based on what you say your personality can be analyzed.

Feather number one


If you like feather number one than you are a peace loving person and surround yourself with others who are peaceful and love harmony as opposed to discord.

You are a noble and kind hearted person and take pleasure in helping out others and are very empathetic to their situation. You do not back out from helping others. In your assistance although you are not discriminatory. However you like to mingle with people like yourself and prefer to help them out the most in case of need. Some people might misjudge your kindness and empathy for being weak or perhaps might doubt your masculinity however in reality you are a very strong person stronger than most in fact and are not afraid to help others come what may.

Lastly, you have a lively social circle of friends who are all attracted to you because you are such a good friend who is always there for them in times of need.

Feather number two

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You are a perfectionist by nature. You are not used to halfhearted efforts and always give your one hundred percent regardless of the situation. Doing so you also expect others to pull their weight and do their very best.

In addition, you are also very intelligent and also very tenacious. Although you do you love your friend and their company at times you wish to have some alone time to yourself. Some people will often find your coolness and aloofness as being rather cold and demeaning to them as if you do not perhaps value them enough. You should thus remind your near and dear ones occasionally how much they mean to you.

This is needed in order to avoid any misunderstandings and so they do not simply drift away from you.

Feather number three


If you chose feather number three than that shows that your quite the individualist and prefer to remain and independent in the pursuit of your dreams. You do not like being bogged down by the opinions of others and do not seek societal approval as such for your actions and do as you see fit.

You are also not afraid of failures on the way and realize that no triumph comes easily and all success requires patience, perseverance and dedication to the cause. You know fully well that every experience good or bad makes you a better and more capable person and you embrace that with open arms.

However, you should be careful in your choices regarding making friends. You also have leadership qualities due to the fact that you can relate to people and speak their language and are generally a very popular and widely loved individual.

Feather number four


You have a very strong character and that is your distinguishing feature as a human being. You are very creative and have a wild imagination. In addition to this you are highly skilled in dealing with any and all problems that may come your way. You are a thinker and can come up with out of the box solutions for problems as they may arise.

You may not be instant hit with everybody as some may find you to be overbearing and authoritarian in your approach to things. However once people get to know the real you they become more comfortable with you as a person and begin to like you more.

Because you have such a strong personality everyone notices your presence and takes heed as to what you have to say. You cannot be easily fooled and almost always have clear, logical and winning arguments to promote whatever you may be advocating.

Lastly, you are a perfectionist and often find yourself frustrated by the lack of perfection around you. However you need to realize that the world is not perfect and we need to accept things as they are.

Feather number five


People who choose feather number five are generally somewhat artistic to say the least. You have a vivid imaging and are a very creative person. However, you may be under confident and that hampers your growth. You have a paralyzing fear of failure and that keeps you from experimenting and growing.

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Pick a Feather, Discover What It Says About Your Personality

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