Photos of kids from around the world which proves that humanity is not dead

Anyone who has kids or has seen kids around knows that they can be handful at times. They demand our constant attention and with a kid life is non-stop. But just when you have had it till here with kids, they will turn around and teach you the most amazing life lesson in the simplest manner. Grownups can learn so much from the innocence and purity of kids.


They never lose hope under any circumstance and are always ready to take up any challenge sans hesitation. Following are 17 examples of how kids prove every single day that not all hope is dead for humanity.

This kid is offering a police officer a bottle of water after riots in Baltimore.

One of many pictures that I captured today in the midst of helping clean up the city and it speaks VOLUMES #baltimore

Posted by Bishop M. Cromartie on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The future looks great, doesna��t it?


Young boys rescuing a dog.


a�?Hugging strangers in fast food restaurants, no big deal.a�?

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Triplets who became best friends with their garbage collectors. This brings a smile to our face.

Posted by Martha Sugalski on Friday, July 22, 2016

a�?When these Jurassic Park battle damage, open wounded, dinosaurs originally came out, people complained how they were too violent for children. Yet here’s my 2-year-old, who asked me to help treat his wounds, and now comforting him.a�?


Kids like him are the future.

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Photos of kids from around the world which proves that humanity is not dead

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