People Are Marrying Themselves, It’s Called ‘Sologamy’

The trend of marrying yourself or what we call it ‘sologamy’ is growing. Somewhat it’s dashing up in pop culture.

The idea of marrying yourself was mooted by the actress Carrie Bradshaw in an episode of ‘Sex And The City’.

Marry yourself if you find no one! #marriage #ownhusband #teambaby #couple #beowesome

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“It’s hard not to adopt whatever society’s messages are … and I certainly think that one of the messages is, ‘You are not enough if you are not with someone else’” – Erika Anderson

Erika Anderson took her decision of self-marrying. This 37-year-old, living in New York, got married to her university sweetheart when she was in her twenties but the couple split-up when she was 30. Binding to herself, she said that it was “an act of defiance.”

The concept of a self-marriage is more about completing oneself. Knowing for sure that you are the right one for yourself and there is no one better. It’s not necessarily a substitute of a relationship… the more you will love yourself, the better able you will be to love others.

Why A Self-Wedding?

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Life is short. Do stuff that matters.

There is a website by the name ‘I Married Me’ (Self-Wedding In a box) that spreads the message that everybody, each one of us is admirable. ‘I Married Me’ presents you the kit so that you must rejoice your most magnificent self in every way possible.This is something like a ‘live-like-you-mean-it’ moment that can be relished alone or with the people who acknowledge the necessity for the love of self. After all, we are tremendous!This trend is increasing for quite a while now, and it’s somewhat something that is becoming more acceptable and more understood.

Divorce rates are high in marriage but we are sure you will be sleeping with the person you self-marry today for the rest of your life!

Not As Crazy As It Sounds!

Being single is not something tragic; imagine if you’re more happy and satisfied than the rest and you control your own life and live by your own rules there is no harm in it.

It’s actually kind of brilliant and dumb at the same time. As a happily single person who is frequently asked why aren’t they married, they appreciate the idea of rejoicing devotion to oneself with a formal ceremony. Although still there is this prospect to have a partner but there is nothing wrong in choosing yourself rather than another person.

Singleness is not easy. Some people shred themselves apart just because they are single. This concept actually encourages and endorses them to be who they are and spend their life however they want to.

Self-marriage is a chance to rejoice your personal individuality, self-reliance and liberty from the restraints of convention.

The First Sologamous Wedding

In the year 1993 in front of her 75 friends and family members American Linda Barker got married to herself, which is thought to be the first ceremony of this type. She explained it as that it’s more about doing things that matter the most to you and not waiting around for somebody else to come in your life and make it happen.

Sologamous Ceremonies

Marry yourself if you find no one! #marriage #ownhusband #teambaby #couple #beowesome

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It is still debatable, but the brides have affirmed “I Me Wed” in the countries from Australia to the Netherlands.

Men Do It Too

Well, the church of self-love doesn’t discriminate, but fewer men seem to be lining up for making it officially legal. Heron Saline self-married himself in Minnesota for about 15 years ago; from that time, he has always felt a profound sense of peace and welfare…

Legal Element

As far as the legal element is considered, you shouldn’t be expecting to cut yourself any extra tax breaks. Self-wedding is not legally acknowledged. However, it’s a symbolic practice. Although it is becoming comparatively a fresh trend among the visionary demographic, sologamy is in practice there is nothing new in it.

The attraction of sologamy is in forming an official process to remain single and celebrate
” Counselor and co-founder of The Popular Man, Jonathan Bennett, told International Business Times in an email. That creating an official procedure just so you can avoid marriage isn’t anything new. In religious contexts vows of celibacy have been common in religious contexts for thousands of years. In a way, sologamy is a modern, secular version of it. Except instead of a symbolic marriage to an institution or deity, the person is making a commitment to him- or herself.”

Naturally, not everybody looks at this trend quite encouragingly. Many people on social media are likely to call it being a narcissist.

But still the question is: Is sologamy the next great thing in terms of commitment?

You can be lonelier in a relationship that is not functioning than just completely being on your own, and a lot of people don’t realize that. You can waste your life waiting for the right person, when you are the one yourself.

But nonetheless everyone has the right to choose whatever they think is best for them. No one should judge anyone on basis of the choices they make.

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People Are Marrying Themselves, It’s Called ‘Sologamy’

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