What Does YOUR Palm Say About Your Relationships?

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Chiromancy or palmistry is one of the most ancient practices and arts of learning which was practiced by Hindus and Egyptians and was taught as a separate field of knowledge. Palmistry still continues to fascinate people worldwide and whether it is for fun or to quench our curiosity wherever we see a palm reader, we will be sure to get a reading done. While many people are still skeptical of palmistry, there are studies which show that your palms can reveal a lot about your health, personality, future as well as sexuality.

There are simple ways and knowledge which you can use to read your own as well as your friends and familya��s palms and hit the nail right on its head.

First things first:

If you take a look at your palms you will see inter-connected lines on both palms. The length, depth, continuity and clarity of these lines along with the size, shape and texture of your hands and fingers can reveal a great deal about your personality, character and even spirituality.

1.Looking at the hands:

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If you have ever gotten a reading done, you will know that a palmist will first try to get a feel of your hands and palms turning them over and over. He is determining the shape of your hand and fingers as each distinct shape has its own distinguishing traits and characteristics. The four shapes include:

  • Earth: A broad palm and wide fingers. The length of the palm and fingers are the same. People with these type of hands:
    • Are practical and responsible
    • May be materialistic
    • Energetic and stubborn
  • Air: Long thin fingers with visible knuckles. The palms are smaller than the fingers. People with these type of hands:
    • Radical and unique
    • Talkative and social
    • Intelligent and into abstract
  • Water: Hands which are longer than they are wide. Length of palm and fingers is the same and elongated. These people:

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    • Creative and emotional
    • Introvert and moody
    • Quiet and intuitive
  • Fire: They have squar-ish palms where the length of the palm is longer than that of the fingers. These people:
    • Egotistic and impulsive
    • Robust and spontaneous
    • Extroverts and followers of their instinct

2.Choosing a hand to read

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Your reading depends on the hand that you are going to read and when it comes to males and females, different hands mean different things. In women, the right hand is what they are born with and the left hand tells their life story. The exact opposite is true for men, their left hand is what they are born with and the right hand is what they have achieved in their life. The dominant hand tells about the past and the present while the less dominant one tells about the future.

3.Identifying the lines

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There are many lines between our palms and among them the three major lines which are the most important in palmistry are:

  • The heart line (1)
  • The head line (2)
  • The life line (3)

Deciphering these three lines goes as such:

  • The heart line: this line begins below the index or middle finger and extends all the way towards onea��s pinky finger on the edge of the palm. It tells about a persona��s emotional health and wellbeing.
    • Long: warm and loving but has unrealistic expectations of others
    • Short: self-loving and an introverted personality
    • Wavy: lack of commitment
    • Straight: very practical and logical when it comes to matters of the heart
    • Cleat and deep: generous and honest
    • Faint: apathetic
    • Broken: emotional turbulence
  • The head line: It starts just above the life line and sometimes will start at the same point. It branches out as it moves downwards into the palm away from the life line.
    • Long: intellectual with a good memory
    • Short: logical
    • Faint: more of a dreamer and spiritual rather than intellectual
    • Deep: unbroken concentration towards life
    • Forked: a person with multiple talents
    • Absent: a casual approach towards life
    • Wavy: a constant tussle between the head and heart
  • The life line: It originates between the thumb and the index fingers and goes down all the way to the edge of the palm towards the wrist. It is believed that the length of the life line means how long one is going to live but that is not true. This line reveals a persona��s physical, mental and emotional growth through their life.

o Long and deep: a well-balanced life and vitality

o Short and deep: overcoming lifea��s challenges

o Faint: an unadventurous life

o Deep: no much trouble in life

o Broken: indicates a break due to acute physical health, loss of some loved one or an accident.

o Forked: a huge change in life

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What Does YOUR Palm Say About Your Relationships?

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