Kate Shares Details of Her Personal Relationship with Leonardo Dicaprio

When thinking about the best love stories on-screen, which movie comes to your mind first? For me, it has always been Rose and Jack from the Titanic. I have literally watched it over 1000 times. The chemistry between Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio is just amazing in that movie.

Apart from their character demanding them to fall in love. They just looked the type of couple that radiates that made-for-each-other energy.

Whether at the sets of Titanic or at the red carpet. You see them talking to each other and you will see they have googly eyes and pour words of immense intimacy.

I always felt, they would eventually be together because they belong with each other. However, there is something which has always confined them to just being friends. Something has happened between them and Kate finally revealed it in her interview. We are sure it will leave you heartbroken.

This scene made the heart of almost everyone who has ever watched this movie totally melt. I am sure you remember it very well. It would make me say, “They are made for each other in every life”

Every time I come across this scene, I am excited as the first time.

Kate and Leo


After these two had completed the movie, they remained very close and good friends.


Kate and Leonardo always call each other by the name of ‘Babe’ and they always provide support to each other when it comes to their careers.


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So what makes them stay away from each other despite this very strong attraction? Hollywood has always been stuck in this mystery.

Finally, Kate revealed the answers as for why both of them never ended up as a real life couple.


When the two of them reunited for the shooting of the Revolutionary Road. It seemed that finally, the friendship zone will be over and something exciting will start.

The Beautiful On Screen Couple


However, when in 2012, Kate married Ned Rickroll. It looked like Leo has given her away.


Kate told in her interview, “We never had a romantic bonding between us, that’s why nothing ever happened”


“He never saw me in a romantic perspective”, Kate said about Leo.

“For him, I was always like one of the other boys”.


“I know why it is upsetting for everyone”, she continued. “For people, it’s really disappointing to listen to this because the Leo and Kate story at the soap opera took everyone’s heart away making them fall in love. It has so many songs, like a million, but in reality, we don’t have even one.”


“Being with each other was a need. We wanted someone to lean on because we were young and there was a lot of work for long hours. It came to the system as a shock”.


Give up your hopes. They are never ending up together. I know, your heart must be broken into thousand pieces, but have you ever seen a best friend like these two? Who looks at each other with so much compassion?


If not a couple, we can really wish they remain best friends for their entire lives.