This Cosplayer Dresses Like Every Cartoon Character You’ve Ever Had A Crush On


There are certain hobbies which we all prefer to pursue as it is something which we like to do. However doing the things you love while also getting recognized and admired for it is actually quite fantastic. Meet Merisiel Irum from Italy, who is a 20 year old Italian Cosplayer who likes to dress up as famous characters from cartoons to videogames.

She is mostly know for doing videogame character cosplays especially Widowmaker from the game Overwatch is worth mentioning here . This is just one character however she has donned the attire and looks of several characters and brought them to life with accurate and convincing make up.

Over the past number of years she has done several impressive cosplays and her convincing and near perfect recreation of character has garnered her many followers. Her costumes and corresponding make-up have made her famous over instagram paroxetine no rx, purchase dapoxetine. in no time boasting more than 130,000 followers.

She has attended an academy, an international institute for beautifying and make-up in Italy before hitting up all this fame. Of course you need to know the tricks of the trade before you actually opt for your line of work. Since recreating these characters was something she really enjoyed the accurate make up is what stands in a cosplays done right or wrong. Following are a few characters she did which testify to the fact that sh is really passionate about this and actually grant those characters a lifelike projection through her.

1. Android 18 from Dragon Ball-Z

Here she is cosplaying as Android 18 from Dragon Ball-Z franchise. The cosplay is perfectly accurate except for the fact that she has piercings which is the only blemish on the otherwise perfect cosplay.

2. Megara from Hercules

This is what a dedicated Cosplayer should aim for, perfect attributes of the original cartoon character recreated to the last minute detail. Even the expressions are quite similar.

3. Hades from Hercules

This is probably the most impressive cosplay for Lord of the Underworld Hades from the Hercules cartoons. Not only is there a colorful play with her hairs she has managed to grasp all the small and different things which the original character possesses.

From the skin tone to the contact lenses and the attire everything checks out just great. It is an amazing overall effect and conveys the character of Hades accurately.

4. Princess Anastasia

She actually posts both the pictures side by side for her fans to compare the uncanny similarity between her recreation and the original character.

5. Blossoms from Power Puff Girls

This is another depiction of Iruma��s talents and how well she could capture the spirit of the character she is portraying for.

6. Widowmaker from Overwatch

According to the artist she really enjoys this cosplay the most and it is apparent in the way she has attended to every small detail required to bring this character out of the game and into real life.

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This Cosplayer Dresses Like Every Cartoon Character You’ve Ever Had A Crush On

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