The Best Memes Internet has to Offer on Mark Zuckerberga��s Congressional hearing

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg made a trip to Capitol Hill last Tuesday for two day Congressional hearing where he was grilled for his companya��s code of ethics. The reason he faced 44 Senators from Congress who cross-questioned him was very simple: a data breach done by Cambridge Analytica who stole data of 87 million Facebook users ahead of U.S 2016 elections. The data gathered obviously impacted the election results as Cambridge Analytica has many individuals who are associated with President Trump.

This is the second time since 2010, that the tech billionaire who is notoriously camera-shy to face the press as well as the Congress senators. The hearing at times became awkward as the lawmakers did not have a strong understanding of how the social media platform or even internet works. This provided internet with enough fodder to come up with the most hilarious memes since the hearing was buy paroxetine online without prescription, clomid reviews. broadcasted live. Following are a few ways twitter reacted to the situation.

The haircut does have an uncanny resemblance.

Of course the grilling session could last longer than expected and Congress did not wanted to make the subject uncomfortable in the slightest. The extra padded chairs might make the press and camera-shy tech billionaire to at least take solace in the fact that he has a certain advantage as far as comfort is concerned.

Another Twitterati takes a jab at the lack of understanding of old senators about how the broader internet functions.

Some reporters present at the hearing took pictures of Zuckerberg and senatora��s facial expressions, comparing them with emojis.

This is indeed a very pressure situation for Mr. Zuckerberg and we would not be surprised if he actually acted on the joke. No one could answer media questions comfortably with all those cameras in your face.

Some resorted to comparing Zuckerberga��s testimony before Congress to the movie The Social Network, released in 2010. We do agree with the tweet which could be explained by the fact that no script was available to Mr. Zuckerberg.

There were several tweets which made fun of old senators who had no real understanding of how to go about investigating this case and conduct the hearing in a productive way.

The seriousness of the senator and the clueless expression of Zuckerberg makes it more hilarious.

When you are trying really hard to appear serious and direct all your energies to be very attentive.

Just smile and try to blend in with them, not too much of a problem.

Trying his best to make those cameras disappear out of his face but unfortunately unable to do so.

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The Best Memes Internet has to Offer on Mark Zuckerberga��s Congressional hearing

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