28 Top Tweets from Last Week

Twitter is a beautiful place. It’s the best place for memes, news, and more memes. Here’s a list of the best tweets we could find on Twitter, this past week. And okay, a couple are a bit older. But they’re fire just the same! Enjoy!

1. What you talking about!? I don’t even own a fridge, fool!

2. Woah… Not sure if that’s a kid’s doll or another kind of doll…

3. Same Paris, same. We all need our double whipped cream chocolate nut crème milkshakes with a coffee to wash it down.

4. What in the world… Why the Emoji Movie of all movies!?

5. Well, which one is it!?

6. Obviously, Carol has never experienced the wonderful experience of foodgasms.

7. Get out of there my man!

8. Even Peele is telling you to get out! Go!

9. You ride that pony, Verne!

10. Poor Toe. He’s probably wondering what went wrong.

11. Donald Trump, is one thic bihhhhhh

12. Trying, trying, trying, failing

13. The more something costs, the more you use it. Common sense, no?

14. I’m too much for you? Really!? I’m TOO MUCH FOR YOU!? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? I’M LIKE SO MELLOW!

15. Red pandas are women too now? What’s next? Brown liberal trans bi vegan hedgehogs?

16. A cat named Paws. There’s a joke there somewhere.

17. Wooahhhhh. Tooooo muccchhhh informmaattionnnn mannnnn!

18. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

19. Never eating a classic glazed again. End of story.

20. Yup, that’s a pretty accurate description of Texas.

21. That’s pretty impressive T. But, I once found the impossible: a bobby pin my girlfriend lost!

22. That’s literally all they do OMG! Why didn’t I think of that before!?

23. We’ll get you out of there Hogie! Oops, I meant Macho Man Hulk Hogan!

24. God… If you watched episode 4, you know what Dan means.

25. Best-man that guy!

26. Cop: How high are you, sir?

Dude: No officer you’re supposed to say “Hi, how are you?”

27. Who needs men when you got cats, eh?

28. How does she do that!? It’s superhuman!

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28 Top Tweets from Last Week

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