21 Priceless Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew About

We, at Tapoos, know how difficult it can be to organize and clean your kitchen. The dirty cooking pans and the greasy plates are everyone’s worst nightmare.

Here are some brilliant hacks to help you get rid of all your kitchen woes.


Use an ice-cream scoop for removing seeds from pumpkins or zucchinis. It is the best option.


In order to remove the floating fat from a dish you’ve just cooked, wrap ice-cubes in a cloth and move it above the food. It acts as a magnet and pulls all the fat towards itself. The fat congeals on the cloth and it is easily removable.


Always keep your film wrap in the refrigerator. It prevents them from tearing and maintains their stickiness. This way you can easily avoid the frustration associated with film wrap.


Peeling fruits is surely a hassle. Put them in microwave for 15 seconds and their peel will come off easily. It is worth a try.


Add vinegar to the water when boiling eggs. It makes the shell less sticky and you can easily peel them.


To get the last drop squeezed from your lemons, first cool them in the refrigerator and heat them for 10 secs.


Keep the cheese in the freezer for an hour before grating. It hardens the cheese so it’s not sticky and you can also easily sprinkle them.


Put the onions in the refrigerator for 30 mins before cutting and say goodbye to those irritating tears.


In order to prevent the foam from going over the top and spill, keep a wooden spoon over the pan. It prevents the foam from rising too much and spilling.


Always keep its breast downwards. The breast contains most of the meat so it should be near the heat source for perfect cooking.


If you can’t find your molds, use parchment paper. It also gives the cupcakes a more interesting look because they don’t look like your regular cupcakes anymore.


While heating up pizza or other baked stuff put a glass of water alongside it in the microwave. The water saves the crust from drying and keeps it crisp.


Put the eggs into the frying pan but put water instead of vegetable oil. Heat the pan on a heater. You’ll get perfect fried eggs with a golden liquid for yolk!


Freeze herbs in your ice cube trays. It keeps their vitamins and taste ingredients preserve.


In order to keep shelled nuts fresh and preserve their taste, keep them in the refrigerator inside sealed bags. This preserves their nutritional properties and prevents the bitter taste they can get when stored at room temperature.


Always use table salt to clean pans. It eliminates smell of spices and foods that were cooked. It cuts the grease and prevents rusting overtime.


Use lemon or table salt to rinse your hands. It will remove all unwanted odors from your hands.


To regain the lost shine, wash them with vinegar and water.


Your wooden spatulas grow murky and have different smells after some time. To remove these odors, boil the wooden utensils in water and dry them in the sun.


Rub the boards with grain salt and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe the boards with lemons and you’re good to go. The boards are as good as new.


Use trouser hangers to keep the book open and suspended overhead where it’s safe from oil, spices and water.

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21 Priceless Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew About

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