16 Creative DIY Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

The average person spends about 92 days in the bathroom over a lifetime. And nobody would like to spend this much time in a boring, old bathroom. We, at Tapoos, have been searching around for trendy ideas to reinvent your bathroom. Therefore, you can transform it into a smartly decorated and practical place with the coolest and most creative ideas. You will not have to spend a lot of time accomplishing these do-it-yourself creative feats.


The authors on this blog in Western New York work tirelessly to come up with creative ideas for DIY. And they’re actually pretty good at it.


This young crafter sure has a knack for easy and impressive DIYs. On her blog she features tutorials for making our homes better.


These trendy baskets are not as difficult to make as they look like. Don’t believe us? Go check out these tutorials here


Liz Marie is a creative arts and crafts person who came up with this ingenious idea for storing your make-up. It’s convenient and easy to do. Check it out here


Tired of your toothpaste tube? Try this technique here and live your mornings in peace.


Got too less space to fit your belongings in? Check out this blog for ideas that help organize and cram your stuff neatly.


We sometimes feel tired of our old, conventional, boring furniture. Learn how to make these trendy wooden shelves that are just what you were missing. This blog is a must read if you’re searching for some DIY bathroom ideas.


When there is not enough space for your belongings in the house, what do you do? You make more shelves in strange places. This guide here is just what we needed for our bathrooms.


These roomy shelves look worth of your time and efforts. Check out the instructions here


There’s enough space under your sinks and cupboards where you can store some of your most needed accessories. Want to learn how? Learn here


Everybody has some empty mason jars in their homes. Well now, you can recycle them and make them holders for your stuff. Look up the tutorials here


Use these ordinary hooks to make smart hangers for your important hair-do kit. And it’s not difficult. Find out more


This ingenious DIY shelf has it all what you need, from towel hangers to shelving your equipment. And it’s pretty easy to learn


In order to keep your metallic items safe, use this magnetic strip.


These nice storages allow you to keep all your essentials in one place. Learn how to make them

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16 Creative DIY Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

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