11 Photos of Vegetables that Closely Resemble Human beings

Sometimes vegetables tend to develop with really weird shapes and non-uniform appearance makes them look like a freak of nature. It is estimated that in U.S alone 6 billion pounds of produce is thrown out annually since the vegetable is deemed too a�?uglya�� to be sold in the supermarket. Most of the stores are looking for uniform standard shape and sizes hence the rejection of produce of weird shapes. Following are a few marvels of nature that became center of attention due to their odd shape.

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This carrot seems to be wallowing in self-pity or just plain wondering the purpose of life. Anyways the carrot in the background is staring at it really enthusiastically.

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This daikon radish knows how to act sophisticated and look good while doing so. The way it is sitting cross-legged and slightly leaning to one side, this radish knows how to grab the attention of the internet.

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This baby carrot is clinging to its mother like a baby koala bear.

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These bell peppers seem to be screaming bloody murder but nobody can hear them scream. Or perhaps they are simply scared of the knife.

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A foot shaped radish which is mildly interesting since it forms a very accurate shape of the foot.

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Maybe this eggplant is offering free hugs to anyone interested. Or perhaps singing a song a�?With arms wide opena��a�?. It could even be seen as challenging to take on the world.

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This classical burglary radish, cousin to the suave and sophisticated radish is making a successful escape after committing the robbery. The dog is tied so that will be no problem and helping itself off the scene of crime.

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The broccoli seems to be conveying the message that green foods make you strong. So eat your vegetables. Otherwise this broccoli may ask you a�?Do you even lift bro?a�?


This carrot is seriously buffed up and packing a lot of muscle so you dare not propose to chow it down or it might karate chop you!

@phishstepper/ reddit

The pickle longed to see the world but is sad because it never made it out of the jar. Now it sits looking outside with longing in its eyes and an urge to explore the world.

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That is one grumpy looking pepper which is always scowling at others. Well one thing is certain, it is definitely sour.

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11 Photos of Vegetables that Closely Resemble Human beings

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