11 Everyday Things You Won’t Believe ACTUALLY EXIST


The more money you have, the more you’re careless about it. It is a status symbol and to show it off people waste it on the most impractical and useless things.

If you have money then you’re not going to settle with anything that doesn’t have gold or diamonds encrusted in them. Be it your car or your toilet paper. Your food or what you wear. It has to be extravagant, pretentious and showy. How else would the world know that you’re filthy rich? The world is your place if you have money. You cannot be with people whose toilet rolls are made of paper. Or who work on plastic keyboards and sleep on normal pillows. In other words, normal things and normal people are not your type. Here are a few things people spent absurd amount of their fortune on or a to-buy list if your money grows on trees.

11. Diamond Encrusted Shoes: $2million

Good shoes are expensive. Anyone would spend around a $50 for comfort and a good look. But, Nick Cannon paid a whopping $2million on shoes! These shoes are have around 350 carats of diamonds embedded in them. Unless they could give you flying superpowers I don’t think I’d be interested in these.


10. Gold Glazed Donut: $100

Who doesn’t like a good donut? That delicious glazed treat to pair with your coffee. You and I would spend around a dollar on a donut and feel satisfied. But, there are few out there who would rather spend $100 on a single donut. The special thing about this donut sold in Manila Social Club Restaurant is that it’s topped with gold glazing.

It’s handmade using the most expensive ingredients and 24 carats gold shavings. Because old was always meant to be eaten.


9. Custom-made pillow: $58,000

For some a place to lay down is enough to doze off but for others it has to be a fluffy pillow, a spring mattress and a cozy blanket. These are the two normal types of sleepers. Then there are those who’d spend $58,000 on just a pillow. The pillow doesn’t compromise on comfort (obviously, I mean why else would someone even think of spending that much). The pillow is specially designed using 3D scanning of the body to perfectly fit with it. It is made of Dutch foam, handmade Egyptian cotton, 22 carat of Sapphire and a diamond studded zipper. Imagine their beds and mattresses.

8. 24 carat Gold Toilet Roll: $1.38 Million

Some people just like going over the top with everything be it their dressing or toilet paper (yes! Toilet paper). Everything looks good in gold so an Australian company decided why not a roll of 24 karat gold? It works just like any normal toilet paper except it looks perfect in your washroom and you’ll be so careful in using it that you wouldn’t need to replace the roll for months. Still, there’s an absurd amount of money down the drain (literally).


7. Gold Casing iPhone: $15.3 million

Normal people think of selling kidneys to get our hands on an iPhone. Then, there are those with deep pockets that think it’s no big deal to get the latest model. And then come those few affluent ones who are like “I need an iPhone. With a 24 carat gold casing. And a sapphire display. You know what, throw in some diamonds, too. Say, around 600. Yes, perfect. Here’s the cash. Okay bye.” Yeah, no big deal.


6. Mini Louis Vuitton purse: $1k

Is your four year old daughter not happy with the real life Barbie doll house you got her? Is she starting to turn her nose up at her meals cooked by celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey? Well, then don’t worry here’s a $1000 mini Louis Vuitton for her to wear to play land. Reality TV star Kim Kardashian’s daughter North West had this luxury casually hanging on her arm as she went on a stroll with her parents in New York. At 4, normal children would be happy to even own a purse, to be honest. But, for North West it was important to pair that bag with her branded dress and curls done by her personal hair stylist. We wonder what was inside the bag, though.


5. Amour Amour Dog Collar: $3.2 million

Because what else does a dog need more than a $3.2 million diamond necklace? This necklace has over 1600 diamonds hand placed with precision.

It is the perfect treat for when your dog fetches the ball. This necklace will make all other dogs in the playground jealous. And, the talent show winner will definitely be your little spoiled puppy. So, yes get your dog an Amour Amour dog collar or buy a mansion with a pool and tennis court, whatever.


4. Gold Lego Block: $14,450

A brick of gold in your house of plastic? Why, that’s a wonderful idea. This 14 carat gold Lego block was sold for $14,450. Other than being way fancier and heavier, it does everything a normal Lego block does: Fit with other pieces to build minifigures and come under your feet when you dare to walk bare-footed.

Warning: it hurts just as much when you step on it so what’s the point?


3. Tea Bag: $14,000

I like my tea with 2 sugars and a diamond encrusted tea bag, please. For Brooke Bond’s PG Tips’ 75th anniversary they had a special diamond encrusted tea bag with 280 diamonds. It costs a monstrous amount of $14,000. It looks fancy but even with all that money it does not hold any healing powers neither does it bring back the dead. But, unlike normal teabags it does make you feel fancier and better than anyone else in the room. Also, people are not going to look at you all weird if you have this used teabag lying on your kitchen counter and not in the trash can.


2. Monopoly Set: $7570

This monopoly set is made of leather, with Gold and Silver houses.

The real fun of the game is when you can actually see all the power in your hands by buying property made of gold. What’s better is you can charge your friends in the game right before you buy their actual homes because that’s how freaking rich you are. It still has the tendency to break up old friendships. But, you have all the money and power to buy new friends. This time try to buy diamond skinned friends.


1. Gokukawa Leather Keyboard: $603

Imagine the comfort of typing on leather keyboard. There is no place for a plastic keyboard in your huge maroon carpeted office with liquor cabinet, bookshelf containing all the original scripts of Shakespeare and a fireplace. So switch to a $603 keyboard which will look perfect on top of your solid mahogany desk.

Unfortunately, it does not write reports itself but who cares as long as it’s elegant because that’s all you need in a keyboard. It’s elegance.


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11 Everyday Things You Won’t Believe ACTUALLY EXIST

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