10 Design Fails that Actually Ruined the Final Product

More often than not a product is developed with a certain purpose to be fulfilled but that is purely concerned with manufacturing of the product. Once the product goes to the design team they may shape the product in such a manner that is not in line with the original intended purpose. This not only ruins the product but also confuses the buyer as to its utility. Following are a few such design fails that except for the designer nobody else could appreciate whatsoever.

@ddh85/ reddit

This great parking spot could not be used for cars any more but yeah bikes could easily get parked so maybe it was intentional.

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This utter mess suggests that the cables were added later on but still they should be under single cover. The only thing we can salvage from this situation is that all the cables are at least covered.


This is a smartly designed packaging giving the illusion that a customer is a goof who will not understand that you have simply used a bigger sized packaging to lure them in. This is the reason why one should see the price per kg instead of being led by the size of packaging.

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This dude must be proud of himself up there on the advertisement.

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This is the time display if you happen to for an Android system phone. The watch is so confusingly designed; right now you cana��t tell if it is 4.30 or 4.33. Maybe it was intentionally designed in this way to keep us guessing the time in order to stay more punctual.

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The handle on the stem of this glass is poorly designed. If someone does treat it as a handle they might end up spilling their drink. The handle is quite unnecessary if there is stem of the glass available for grip.

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This is what you may call lack of foresight in planning and execution. However this situation can be rescued by simply sawing off the edge of drawer which keeps bumping into the handle. The drawers are quite wide and they would remain intact even after cutting the excess width off of them.

@Darth_Awesome/ reddit

This is a mildly interesting logo to be on the shoe. Maybe the designer was thinking along the lines of Nikea��s swoosh but ended up with this.

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Another example of lack of planning while construction and silly execution. This staircase is leading directly towards the top of the ceiling and hence utterly useless.

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Although the idea is original but it does beg the question why? Why do you come up with this idea on eating utensils? Maybe it is designed in this manner to take the edge off your hunger so as to make you eat less or perhaps not eat at all. This could really help you realize your fitness goals.

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10 Design Fails that Actually Ruined the Final Product

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