10 Awe-inspiring Photos that are certain to Wow you

We often grow accustomed to things we see in our everyday lives but the world has many scenes to offer and there is always a new horizon which is yet to be explored by us. Seeing the world from a completely different perspective is sure to spell bind us as we watch something which is unique and wonderful and command a certain authority. Following are few such pictures which are jaw-droppingly wonderful.

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At first thought an observer might think this is some awesome cloud formation but it is much more sinister than that. This is a scene of a volcano erupting thick clouds of smoke in Calbuco, Chile.

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This is a make-up project attempting to exhibit what four different shades of skin color will look like on a single hand. We must admit the black thread is very artistically drawn to give the creepy illusion of different skins being sewn together as though making a Frankenstein with several ethnicities.

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This is a birda��s eye view of Bourtange village in the municipality of Vlagtwedde, Netherlands. As can be seen the village looks as though planned by some strict rules of geometry and the perfect five-pointed star is evidence enough of that. There are around 430 people living there and the star shaped fort was built around 1593 which is now restored and used as an open air museum.

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This is not just another ordinary flower because of the fact that it was grown entirely in space. It did fare well and shows if properly handled life can be supported in space as well.

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This is a picture of the sun as seen by an ultraviolet lens. We must admit this truly captures the ultraviolet waves being emitted by the sun which makes it appear as some form of an abstract art.

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The ship building industry has of course come a long way since the mankind claimed Titanic to be the largest sea-faring vessel. This is titanic in front of a contemporary cruise liner.

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This is a picture of naturally occurring Bismuth fractal which has very interesting geometric pattern which really is beautiful to see.

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This is a picture of Greenland Shark which may not surprise you that much but it is believed this is the worlda��s oldest living vertebrate aged 512 years old.

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This octopus hitch hiking a ride on a sea turtle is a smart and effortless way of moving from one point to the next. We hope the turtle dona��t mind it though since it is doing most of the hard work in this transit system.

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Selling frozen fried eggs is a thing in Spain. The hassle of warming it up again is more than simply cracking open a fresh egg and frying it yourself over a pan.

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10 Awe-inspiring Photos that are certain to Wow you

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