You Will Not Believe What This Scientist Captured in the Moment of One Man’s Death

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Do you believe that each living organism has a soul?

Well nothing has been proved about animals yet but the souls of humans have been captured!

Yeah you read it right. So, this time, it is not just a fake news on the television for the sake of ratings but a well-known and accepted Russian Scientist have come forward to make believe in souls since he captured the images of soul when a patient of him just died.

Humans have always asked questions about soul. Each religion or tradition has its own idea of determining the definition of soul. Probably this is one way of believing in the idea of life after death. Anyway, this idea is holy and is as old as the human race. It has been soothing and shaping believes of communities for ages. So, as a consequence, we have a huge list of ancient and ridiculous myths about the existence and purpose of souls. But is soul real? Do we have a proof? Does science say anything about it? Well, it wasn’t until Dr. Korotkov captured the unbelievable!

How Did it Actually Happen?

Dr. Konstantin G. Korotkov, who is the deputy director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture had a doubt about souls until one day he decided to research it out. So, he enhanced the Kirlain’s photography devices and was able to make something better than what Kirlain was able to create in the past and with the use of special GDV technique the souls departing the body of a dead man was captured.

Kirlain Photography takes their name from an electrician of the Soviet called Seymon Kirlain who happened to discover this GDV process in 1939. Later, in 1970s, this technique was heavily used for researches by Soviet Union and the West. It is commonly reported as capturing or photographing the auras of the objects.

On the website which in officially linked with Korotkov’s, he has explained that the electro phonetic energy is stimulated around the humans and we are then able to see that electro phonetic glow around the fingertips of the humans which tells us the comprehensive and coherent physical and psychological state of the human in an amazing manner.

So, GDV was not only built to capture the soul rather it is a technique developed in 1990s and was primarily used for diagnostic and assessment purposes. It helped a lot in monitoring the complete health level of humans and gives each patient its respective medicine and treatment as necessary.

In other words, you can call it a computer imaging technique. What happens is that doctor connects the GDV device to the fingertips of the patient or the client using small electrical current through which the signals are sent in milliseconds. Created by the light photos, the ‘electron cloud’ appears. All of this is being captured by the CCD cameras which translates those signals on to computer. Each connection on each fingertip gives a certain physical and psychological information about a certain organ.

GDV Technique and The Departing Soul


It was only through GDV that departing of a soul from the body was captured by a technique which Kirlain had used in the earlier times. Later, the technique was developed by Korotkov. In that process, the signals emit blue light force through which it is determined that the person is dead and the soul is leaving. In CCD cameras, the soul was clearly seen departing the body. As witnessed in the photographs, it was the stomach and the lower belly which happened to lift up first and then it was the head of the dead person’s soul. The heart and the groin were the last organs to lift up and depart the body. This experiment was conducted various times to assure that it was real and definite.

Scientists using the GDV technique declared that those who are calm and happy at the time of their deaths are the ones whose souls also happen to be calm and happy while on the other hand, those people who had had violent experiences in life and were going through a psychological trauma have the restless and confused souls which is clearly witnessed through the photographs.

Scientist from all over the world used this technique and are still using to determine the illnesses of their patients – to monitor their stress and treat cancer. A lot of them has also concluded that most of the diseases either initiate from the believe that they are sick or from emotional disturbances.

Pieces from the interview of Dr. Korotkov

After Dr. Korotkov announced his success of capturing the departing soul and the process and technology through which it was possible, many journalists took his interview. Paula was one of them.

So, here are a couple of questions to which he gave coherent, satisfying, and scientific answers.

Paula: In the GDV Camera, you have created an amazing technology. I understand that the GDV measures and photographs the aura of living things. How does it do this?

To this question by the interviewer, Dr. Korotkov answered: Our GDV technology was developed after 20 years of research that enabled us to create the camera and also the software that supports it. The camera’s operation is based on the stimulation of very weak photon and electron emissions from the body. So, it operates on the quantum level and thus, it can tell us about the quantum field of a human or a plant and its biological functions.

Since Dr. Korotkov had developed the GDV technique following Kirlain’s development, Paula asked: How difference is the GDV device from the Kirlain’s photographic technology of the past.

As we might have assumed that it was not much different the answer of the doctor was quite unexpected. He said: The difference between GDV bio-electrographic technique and Kirlain’s photography is the same as the bicycle and Mercedes. Both are vehicles and both can be used for transportation but with different results.

Dr. Korotkov further added: One of the greatest benefits to date of the GDV technology is its ability to do real time measurements of a variety of treatments for conditions as cancer which determines which treatment would suit the client best.

Since this experience was also conducted on plants, Dr. Korotkov was also asked various scientific questions about his discoveries there. One of the related questions asked by Paula was: What can the life force energy of the plant or human beings tell us about its state of health?

Dr. Korotkov: Many of our correlations found good correlations in determining the state of health of plants by their bio-electrographic patterns. If there was some disease or chronic imbalance in a plant that was reflected first of all in the energy field. We found that a sick plant has a very restricted and uneven glow. Sometimes, the glow practically vanishes. On the other hands, mature healthy plants have a very strong energy flow. The same is true with human beings.

There were many other questions asked to which Dr. Korotkov gave answers to best of his ability. Since you must have developed an interest in knowing the background of the GDV technology here is a comprehensive background of it:

The Background of GDV

The GDV technology is not new but is being used as early as the revolution in technology. It has been used by different scientists in different form in different times and places. The basic function of this technique has always been to cure the patient by going to the root of his or her problem.

Not only that, it is also said that the technique of GDV is based on the creation of ancient Chinese’s system of energy meridians which happen to measure bio-energy produced by all the living organisms through painless analysis.

It was Dr. Korotkov who took the work of Kirlain ahead and was able to capture the science of the soul and the way it departs and how can it help understand the conditions of human. Fortunately, capturing the soul has also helped in assessing the patients and treating them better than before.

A Little Bit About Korotkov

The introduction of Dr. Konstantin Korotkov is too long to be grasped in words. He has worked selflessly for the science and earned a good name in the field. He is a Russian scientist who is not only deputy director St. Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture but also is the professor of Computer science and biophysics at the same university of Informational Technology’s department. Furthermore, he is also the President of the International Union for Medical and Applied Bio-electrography. Not just that, he also works as member of the Editorial board of the journal which deals with Science and healing outcomes.

He has published over 200 papers in prominent journals throughout the world and he is the author of nine books which has been translated into many major languages. He is also understand and has a vivid grasp on philosophy and also is a mountaineer for about 25 years. He has conducted workshops, lectures, and seminars in more than 43 countries of the world on his research.

His breakthrough was the advancement of Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) through which he was able to understand the illnesses of his patients better and treat him in the best possible way. Moreover, it was the same technology which helped him capture the departing soul of a dead patient. This technique is accepted by the Russian Ministry of Health as Medical Technology and Certified in Europe. Other than that this technique is also appreciated in many other countries and many of the papers have talked about this technique internationally.

He is still alive and a healthy scientist working rigorously in his field. God know what more wonders he is gonna introduce to this world before his own soul departs from his body.

BONUS: Things You Should Know About Your Soul.

Since now you all readers are thinking seriously about soul and re-considering your beliefs, here are a few more things you should know about your soul.

Your Soul Evolves

Yeah, it’s not an object; it’s a part of you! Just like your body grows and becomes strong and powerful, your soul also grows, develops, and becomes strong. Your soul is the reason of the maturity of your thoughts, actions, and feelings. It also has the ability to become prone to your daily routines, your likes and dislikes. Your soul also learns from your everyday mistakes and becomes your silent guides and also functions as your friend that is why you feel calm when you talk to yourself.

Your Soul Has No Gender, Nationality, Creed, or Race.

Your soul works in a very free and independent manner and never follows the man-made customs. It is not affected by gender, nationally, creed, race or such discriminations which is why if you are the one discriminating, it silently pokes you to tell you that you are not working according to the will of your soul. It’s a pure energy guiding you to be better and spend a healthy and wise life.

You Are Actually Your Soul

Your soul becomes the part of you when your heart begins to beat in your mother’s womb. It is the force which gives you life. So, when you die you are your soul. If we ponder on this point more, you will be able to conclude that your body is just a home to your soul. The real person, the one you were from the inside was all because of your soul. After the death your soul exits your body. So, you are still you, just without your body. Death is just the word for the expiration of your body, not the real you.

You Gotta Feed Your Soul

You care about your body: you exercise, you eat healthy, you sleep well… but what do you do about your soul. As mentioned before your body is just the exterior, your soul is actually you. Humans tend to ignore this fact and care only about the exterior which is going to expire soon and forgets their soul would which will always be there and always have been there. How do you feed your soul? By doing good. Simple but crucial!

When You Fall In Love

Did you know that we can even experience other’s souls? Oh now you know well! When you fall in love you are able to feel and experience the soul of your partner. Body cease to matter and soul becomes important. Not just that, you experience the souls of all those you love: your parents, your children, your friends too.

Knowing about your soul was indeed a wonderful ride. So, now you gotta take care of your soul, feed it well, and listen to it. Not only your body would enjoy the change but your life would become better and clearer and you will be able to change the lives around you. So best of luck!

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You Will Not Believe What This Scientist Captured in the Moment of One Man’s Death

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