Top 12 Ghost Sightings That NEED Explaining


12. Wentworth Woodhouse


The 17th Century Wentworth Woodhouse located in the English Town of Rotherham has one of the most scary ghost sight ever. The ghost hunter team heard footsteps around the old stable area and saw a spirit walking, but when they tried to chase it, it continued to walk ahead of them oblivious of the surroundings and disappeared. Initially it seemed like a set-up of the team but when they went to watch it closely the figure was completely transparent.

11. Hugoa��s House of Horrors


So this YouTuber named Hugo Blog was casually walking along the mansion with his friends. The building was so crumpled that it seemed like it might just fall down any moment, but they managed to go inside the building and kept exploring until they saw the video of this girl who was trying to peep through the hole. Later they found out that there was a man who was found dead at this side in the year 2008. The victim ended up suffering a blunt force trauma to his head and face which later became the cause of his death. As per the investigation reports he was hit on the head with a piece of board. The twist to this story is that no one was able to find the murderer and it remains a mystery still.

10. Bus 166


The old abandoned bus in the woods was found to be haunted. This bus was the unfortunate bus of which the school wanted to get rid of because of the fact that some child lost their life on the way back home. A ghost hunter managed to purchase the bus at a low price. One day he was making a video of it when suddenly he heard a peculiar noise saying a�?helloa�? which started to become more in frequency as he went closer to the bus. Since the man lives alone on his property and does not have any wife or children it is assumed that this was the voice of a girl inside the bus who has passed away but her soul is trapped in the bus. Thus she is trying to catch the attention of the man making the video thinking he can see her but in fact he cannot.

9. Mike Robins


The You Tuber Mike Robins ended up making a video of the paranormal investigations along with his friends. They are using a modified Kinect camera which is a special software to hunt ghosts while moving around the ghost sites. They ended up seeing this soul and tried to communicate with it but the soul did not seem to be in a mood to answer the questions or respond back. Also they noticed some movements of the ghost which could not be figured out whether he wants to hush them away or trying to wave at them. It was assumed that the ghost wanted to be left alone.

8. Blake Smiths


The Youtuber Blake Smith claimed on his channel about observing some paranormal activity in his basement. This included some peculiar noises as well. He asked his fans for suggestions as to how he can record it so they advised him to leave his phone in the basement and leave it open. The video he ended up making lasted for a minute and contained some really weird voices and effects which depicted the silhouette of a person. But it cannot be ascertained whether the video was fake or real but if it was fake getting such accurate effects would not have been possible.

7. Barry cana��t breathe


The team of ghost hunters visited the house in San Pedro California was suggested to be a haunted one for quite a long time. Supposedly the ghosts living there were quite adventurous! They wanted and enjoyed opening cupboards throw plates and change the television channels as well as linger in some rooms. The people who resided in the house ended up leaving it. Many others who tried to reside in there could never do that and also because red liquid dropped from the walls of this building many times. But the ghost investigators were determined to find out what was in there and sent one of their representatives one day when they heard some snapping voices. The investigator later returned to find out that something was tied around his neck and he also confessed that something tried to choke him upstairs with a chord also his glasses also went missing. They called of the investigation soon after that as this was endangering the lives of the investigators.

6. Ghost in the soccer match


A few years ago during the live streaming of a soccer match while the players were having a match in the field a shadow appeared. A strange figure was apparently trying to play around with the ball and then disappeared. No further investigation was carried out on this matter.

5. Billya��s dinner


This is the story of a girl who was left alone during the dinner time by her father when he went to fetch something. While he left she started to have a conversation with someone who could not be seen properly but it did end up moving her plate in the other direction. It could also be assumed that she was just trying to have some words with her imaginary friend like kids do these days but the fact that the plate was moving by itself was a cause of concern!

4. Houghton Mansion


In North Adams Massachusetts the investigator team used the Kinect camera to record paranormal activity in the Houghton Mansion in North Adams Massachusetts which was under the ownership of a wealthy businessman. It was later converted to a Masonic Temple and when the investigators went there they ended up listening to many voices and this made it a real video because in fake video not many people talk multiple times.

3. The ghost infant


This was recorded while two friends were singing in the car and humming away to Adelea��s song just trying to have fun with each other. But then suddenly as soon the video goes ahead we see a ghost child sitting in the backseat in the baby seat. They immediately turned the live streaming off when they noticed the baby. No further investigation was carried out and it seemed that it all looked like a babya��s mouth and other facial features were just a shadow.

2. Haunted radio


This paranormal activity is about a video done somewhere in Albania which shows a radio show in live broadcast. Two people were having a conversation during the show when suddenly something blew away in front of them and they both got scared.

1. Alcatrez

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There was a man who was walking around Alcatraz and noticed some possible paranormal encounters. Once when he was going towards the cells he heard a voice saying why! It was really strange and the second encounter occurred when he was entering the cells he heard a strange and a very haunting laugh! Errie!

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Top 12 Ghost Sightings That NEED Explaining

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