Scientists Claim They May Have Finally Unfolded the Great Bermuda Triangle Mystery

By Tapoos Readers | January 5, 2017


Till date, hundreds of ships and air crafts have mysteriously disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle. The Bermuda Triangle has been a cause for concern for many around the world because events taking place in this area were inexplicable. But this mystery may have been finally solved as claimed by a Science Channel Show.


A research team from the University of Colorado has discovered a strange occurrence in satellite images that they obtained from the said area. These satellite images show clouds that are hexagonal (which has never been recorded before). According to the scientists, these hexagonal clouds might be the culprit behind so many disappearances around the Bermuda Triangle area till date. They have hypothesized that hexagonal clouds may act as ‘air bombs’.

Scientists believe that hexagonal clouds produce lethal winds that exceed 175 mph. These lethal winds can create waves that are more than 50ft. in height.


Any Aircraft or Ship Subjected to Such a Storm Doesn’t Stand a Chance of Surviving

Generally, clouds are not known to exist in straight edge shapes. But the satellite images show that the clouds in the Bermuda Triangle from hexagonal shapes and they stretch across miles. But the reason for such an anomaly still stands unknown.


The Bermuda Triangle stretches over a vast area. The triangle is formed between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. Reports of disappearances have been surfacing since 1945 when 5 American bombers and a Rescue plane were reported missing in the Bermuda Triangle. Till date, hundreds of ships and more than 75 air crafts have been lost in the region. The most recent disappearance in the Bermuda Triangle was reported in 2015 when a cargo ship mysteriously disappeared.