Research Shows Intelligent People are Less Social

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


Some of us question our socialization capabilities as we grow older. There comes a point where you feel like your socializing skills are slowly dwindling. Well if you are one of the above-mentioned people ….Do Not Worry, scientists have found the answer to all your worries.

The British Journal of Psychology has recently published a study which states that intelligent people are less social.

Two evolutionary psychologists from England named Norman Li and Satoshi Kanazawa set out to research behaviors and they discovered that people who have higher I.Q’s and are generally more intelligent tend to be happier when they are not surrounded by a lot of people.


The Study also concluded that the overall satisfaction of intelligent individuals drops when they are frequently socializing with other individuals. Study says smart people have fewer friends.

Carol Graham, A researcher from the Brookings Institute reaffirmed the findings of the study in his article in the Washington Post saying that the reason why intelligent people tend to socialize less is because they are focusing on long-term goals and objectives.

It seems logical because highly intelligent people always want to make breakthroughs in the world with their ingenuity and innovation. It is so because they would rather utilize their time to materialize on their objectives rather than wasting it in casual socialization.

According to the study, Our ancestry, that leads back to the hunters/gatherers, had brains that were completely adaptable to the living conditions in the African Savannah. In those times people existed in small groups and these groups were scattered along the land. In that era, socialization would have been an important component of survival.

Researchers believe that this is a clear indicator of how we have evolved on the socialization spectrum. We have evolved into beings that are highly adaptable to the modern life. We have moved on from our social interaction needs and in the meanwhile, we have shifted our focus towards self-actualization.

So the next time you feel you are not a social rockstar, just remember that you’re probably smarter than most people around you.