This is Sheree Psaila’s extraordinary story and how she fought against all odds to give birth to her beautiful baby boy at the age of 22.

A feeling as precious as motherhood has Sheree over joyed, she can’t help but feel that while motherhood is tough on everyone, it comes at a special cost to her.

She misses even the very intimate moments of her life with her son. A gesture as simple as holding her new born to soothe his tears away seems impossible to her. One she yearns for dearly.

This is so because Sheree Psaila was born with no muscle tissues in her arms and legs. A rare medical condition known as ‘rthrogryposis multiplex congenita’.

Right from the moment she was born, Sheree has been a fighter. While doctors give her only a year to live, she braved 20 surgeries to miraculously outlive the timeline she was granted.

With the surgeries being partial failures, the doctors confined her to a lifetime in a wheelchair. Once again, Sheree refused to accept her fate. Her resilience helped her take her first steps at the age of 5. She was determined to live a full life, move past every obstacle life and the society put in her way and so she did.

Where once her parents were advised to enroll her in a special needs schools, Sheree went ahead to be a student at Tafe.

While studying there, she met with her now husband, and proud father to their son, Chris. Chris, too, is a fighter and despite having his spine affected by a hereditary condition, faces every challenge that life throws at him.