A New Born Girl Wouldn’t Stop Crying and Her Father Lost His Mind

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


A resident of Minnesota threw his newly born baby girl 12 feet across his lounge and into the kitchen, injuring her brutally, reported the authorities.

What was the reason behind this barbaric act?

His daughter was being finicky, he told the investigators.

The reports by NBC affiliates said that three weeks after the death of his one-month-old who suffered injuries on her head along with a fractured skull, the father John Peterson was arrested this Tuesday.

The accused father has been charged with second-degree murder, officials said. Peterson fabricated the scene of his daughter’s death. He originally told the examiners that his daughter stopped breathing subsequent to being finicky, KARE reported. Later he said his daughter strike her head as he dropped her in the sink by accident.

On Monday, medical examiners after thorough review inferred that Peterson’s record didn’t square with the seriousness of the baby’s wounds, examiners questioned him about his story.



He confessed that he got annoyed with his daughter, as she was continuously crying, KARE reported. Losing his temperament, he hurled her daughter 12 feet away, the baby landed on the marble floor.

He quoted to the investigators that before the infant’s head had hit the cupboard’s edge she landed and skidded across the kitchen floor.

The reports by KARE said, Peterson 33, fabricated her daughter’s death as he “was very terrified,”

Officers were called to a home in Palisade, Minn, a residential area more than 130 miles north of Minneapolis, on 18th November. Infant’s mother told the officer upon investigation that her little girl was having breathing issues.

Three days later, the baby died.

Until this Saturday there has been no reply from the Aikin country sheriff and the public prosecutor on all the phone calls and emails sent to them by the Washington Post.

According to an online jail roster, Peterson is detained in the Aitkin Country Jail.

He was produced in front of a judge in Aitkin Country District Court, where his bail was set at $1 million, quoted the news reports.

According to Minnesota State law, second-degree murder is penal by minimum 40 years of imprisonment.

As stated in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; in 2012 nearly 1,640 children died due to ill treatment, which comprises of the negligence of children and bodily abuse. Seventy percent of the children died at three years of age or less.

The CDC says that most often, the guardians are the culprits of abuse. Most of the cases of negligence and child abuse in 2012, countered 80% of the parents as liable.