A man, identified as Jose David N., was filmed on CCTV throwing his step daughter into a swimming pool and leaving her to drown. Jose David has been sentenced to 100 years in prison.

The distressing CCTV footage shows the killer, repeatedly throwing the child into the swimming pool.

The 3 year old child, who could not swim, is seen struggling to stay afloat and survive as her step father stands there watching.

The man repeatedly tosses the girl into the water and expects her to swim. Jose David N. was aware of the fact that the child could not swim.

The shocking footage was captured in the city of Morelia, on August 12, 2015, in the south-western Mexican state of Michoacan.

This caused a lot of controversy and flared tensions all across Mexico.

Mother of the child was asleep in her hotel room during this horrific incident.

Jose David N. seemed surprised, and pleaded the not guilty, after being told that his step daughter had passed away due to his actions.