Despite Claims, Racism Is Still Alive N’ Kickin’

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


This is a story for anybody who is still unsure if racism really exists. Yes, racial profiling and discrimination are problems still alive n kickin’.

A couple of days ago, this black woman was thrown out of a Victoria’s Secret store in Alabama due to her color. This was all because a different woman of color had been caught while shoplifting at the store. If this seems unbelieveable, don’t worry, its all caught on the camera.



Kimberly Houzah is a 27-year-old nurse in Alabama. She decided to pamper herself this Thursday and went to get some fancy undergarments from the Victoria’s Secret store at her local mall. However, her day off soon turned into a ridiculous nightmare.

A few minutes after strolling in the store and looking around, the manager of the store asked Houzah to leave. And refused to give any reasons for his undue request. Upon this, Kimberly started a live stream on Facebook. She and the other woman of color in the store were being told to leave because some other colored woman had been caught shoplifting.



Houzah decided to leave as told and raise her voice and concerns over the social media. However, she filmed the security that had been called to escort the two seemingly criminal women out. The video shows the stark realities of racism in the United States, despite claims of the glory of a tolerant society.

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Houzah’s video switches between the two extremes of outrage and despair as she comments upon the absurd injustice that she has had to endure because of somebody she didn’t even know.

To top it off, the manager of the store was so stereotypical in the assumptions he had made that he didn’t even check the ladies’ belongings for signs of theft. He simply shunned them out of the store without proper procedure. Only because they were colored.



Kimberly ended her video with a note saying the video was solely made for awareness purposes and that people would consider more before deciding where they want to shop. “I love everybody anyway,” were her last words in the video.

As a reply Victoria’s Secret condemned the actions of their employee and reassured everybody of their strict policy of ‘no racism’. They promised that such employees would be duly penalized and it would be made sure that similar incidents don’t occur.



That did end well but imagine if Kimberly hadn’t spoken up. Such events take play every day but nobody could care less. And in such incidents, even once is enough.