Brain Experts Reveal Why your Dad’s Political Opinions might Never Change

By Tapoos Readers | January 5, 2017


Now that we have all gotten back to work after Christmas and New Year holidays, most of us have been through political debates with family members on America’s current political situation. And it has left most of us thinking why our beloved relatives and friends who you thought were quite sane have such twisted views when it comes to politics.


People around you are blindly supporting a racist and misogynistic D-bag. Let us share a USC brain study that reveals why the American democracy is subject to fragmentation. The study shows why it’s exceedingly hard for the American public to not follow the herd when it comes to political issues.

Jonas Kaplan researched on people’s attitudes towards political debates, he found that for the American public a political debate has become a personal issue. A scientific journal called Scientific Reports took MRI’s of 40 liberals who volunteered for the study. The researchers challenged the political views of the volunteers whilst they were going through the functional MRI Process.

The reports showed that when political beliefs of the subjects were challenged the parts of the brain that control or correspond with negative emotions and self-identity showed more activation.


It is quite an intriguing discovery as it shows why the media has so successfully taken over people’s political perspectives.

In layman’s terms the volunteers brains were automatically attributing political beliefs with the part where threats and sense of identity is contemplated. This may be the basic reason why people have such a hard time accepting facts when it comes to politics.

So basically the population consists of sheep that just want to protect their own backs regardless of what the truth is. With that said, it is also true that there is a difference between supporting something and being a real manifestation of what you support. If people start realizing this fact they would have an easier time changing their minds. I’ll start the change with myself …maybe Trump isn’t too bad let me look him up on Google….

Nope he is still a racist douche bag.