Karishma Walia born and raised in Delhi (India) learned that her groom to be is not fond of dogs and is against one after their marriage, she realized that this will cause problems in their marriage. Therefore, she refused to be wed.

“Having a dog is definitely not a temporary phase. I can’t abandon my dog for anyone,” she stated, while chatting with her potential husband on WhatsApp. He made a futile attempt to change her mind but Walia’s love for her pup, Lucy is so much that he couldn’t come to terms with it. Furthermore, she went ahead and posted her whole conversation on Facebook, she has been receiving love and support since. Below are the Photos of their discussion.

Karishma Walia presently living in New Delhi, with her loveable puppy Lucy

When Walia came to know that the prospective future hubby doesn’t want her dog in their life

She faced domestic pressure, her mother attempted to persuade her by telling her how he’s a perfect man for her, emphasizing on his attractive appearance and strong financial standing

Mr. Prospect making feeble attempts to have her think again

Walia standing firm with her decision “having a dog is not a temporary phase,” she can’t give up on her dog!