Trust Me I Tried It: This Podcast Will Help You Fall (And Stay) Asleep

By Tapoos Readers | December 30, 2016


Counting sheep is something that I have never done, but changing sides all night is something I’m very experienced in. Throughout the years, I’ve been a victim of insomnia and it has always been my utmost desire to get ample of sleeping time.

Although, I need 8 long hours of uninterrupted sleep, but sometimes I can hardly manage to sleep a couple of hours in one go. There are things that can help me sleep and I have pretty much tried them all. From taking a limited intake of caffeine and alcohol, to staying in a proper routine no matter what day it is.

I have tried everything that helped my mind and body gets the much needed rest. But there is a big difference between knowing what can work and experiencing something that actually works.

I’m sure, you are not hearing about it for the first time but in case you are then let me tell you that “Sleep With Me” podcast is worthy of massive praise. Anyone who has ever struggled with sleeping, this is a life changer and you really got to try it.

The 42 years old Drew Ackerman, famously known by the name of Dearest Scooter designed this podcast with an aim to help insomniacs easily go to sleep. Ackerman in his every episode explains to people that this podcast is a safe platform for them to fall asleep or stay asleep.


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I really appreciate the credit given to the mid-night wakefulness, as I fall into the latter category. Despite having a very fine bedtime routine, I tend to fall asleep within minutes as soon as I hit the bed but waking up somewhere in the middle of the night is where the trouble triumphs.

The occasional strikes of insomnia is something I have been dealing with for many years now, I had given up hope because there was hardly anything that I could do about it. But the “Sleep With Me” podcast helped me in my fight against insomnia.

It was shortly before 5 AM last night when I found my eyes bulging with the urge to start my day. It is not at all an unreasonable time to rise and shine. But in the face of a very busy day that would require high end energy it was a bit too early to start.

As soon as this thought hit me that I need to be put back to sleep, I turned towards the podcast and in minutes I was falling back into my dreams.

In The New Yorker, Nora Caplin-Bricker beautifully explained the creativity of this podcast, “This masterfully maladroit storytelling is no simple achievement.”

It is not necessary that one technique can be applied to all. If it works for you, it might not work for others. Being among the top 50 podcasts of last year it is a testament that when dreams elude you, Sleep With Me can help you connect with them again.