These People Lived All Their Lives Restoring Faith in Humanity

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


It is hard to keep faith in humanity given all the sufferings many of us had to face in the last year cause of some of us. Our wars are getting more brutal than ever, we are getting more insensitive to what is happening around us. The result is a decline of humanity in humans.

However, this era of darkness has a few knights in shining armour these people have restored many people’s faith in humanity. Tapoos gathered all those news items that indicate all is not lost about humanity and there is still some hope left.

1. He Chose Rubbles of Aleppo to Care for Cats over Saving His Life


 Il gattaro D’aleppo

2. No Beating in This World Could Stop This Young Man from Saving 1000 Dogs at Yulin Meat Festival


 Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

3. She Travelled Across Continents to Adopt This Abandoned Nigerian Boy



4. This Dog Was Always Waiting for Her Outside the Hotel Until She Decided to Adopt Him


 Olivia Sievers

5. This Underweight Tiger Cub Was About to Die Until Rescued from Circus


6. Donated His Beloved Truck to Be Converted in to a Shower on Wheels for the Homeless


7. Texan Father and Son Spent Days on Their Boat Rescuing Dogs Stranded During Flood


8. At 8-Years of Age He Is Sewing Stuffed Animals for Children in Hospitals



9. Only a Person Who Lost His One Eye Could Understand the Pain of a One-Eyed-Dog



10. Manny Pacquiao Spent Most of His Boxing Fortune on Building 1,000 Homes for Poor Countrymen



11. This Runner Flied to China to Rescue His 155-Mile Race Partner


 Bring Gobi Home

12. Bringing Old and Young Together a Partnered Effort by Animal Shelter and Eldely Care


 Bring Gobi Home

13. Mosque Shelters Stray Cats to Save Them from Freezing Tempratures


 Mustafa Efe

14. The Neighbourhood Tribute to Their Retired Frail Childhood Teacher


 Kristin Polhemus

15. Two Years Worth of Hair Growth to Make Wigs for Cancer Kids