How We Are Made to Believe That a 40-Hour Work Week Is Something Good for Us?

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


How do you feel when you finally make it to the last hour at work on a Friday evening? Excited, of course, you have worked hard enough for the whole week to deserve two days to relax.

But can we make up for the five days we spent putting ourselves second to our work. We push ourselves continuously throughout the long dreaded work day only to get home, fill our bellies and roll over to sleep.

The cost of such a lifestyle is huge. We start to distort our identities, we let go of all the little things that mattered our hobbies, our simple pleasures. We are stuck in a cycle that leaves no time to think.

In true sense forty hours of our life benefit only the corporations and business owners.

What pushes us to be like this?



Make a list of things you can buy today with a $100 bill. Keep that list for a year and then check if you can buy all those things. You know the answer already. You won’t be able to buy all those things.

This phenomenon is known as inflation. What happens is that the value of dollar decreases with time and other factors. A major factor is excessive printing of money.

At times the US government feels an economic crunch due to excessive spending on either expensive wars or unexpected natural calamities. They take out loans from the Federal Reserves by trading treasury bonds for freshly minted money.

This creation of money brings new dollar bills in the market every day and devalues the existing money. Pushing us to seek more money to keep living the life we liv.



Debt is a tricky thing. Despite working hard for forty hours every week we find our debts growing. At time we all think that we are never going to make out of it.

The interest keeps piling. And while we keep paying horrendous amounts of money to banks we end up taking new loans to keep up our life styles. The cycle never ends constantly pushing us towards a 40 hour work week.

Intensity of the work environment can be gauged by productivity measures. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a productivity increase of 2.3 percent with only 1.3 percent increase in pay.

Do you get to enjoy the benefits companies gain at your expense?



There is a steep rise in consumption of goods all over the globe. This indicates the global reach of consumerism. Usually considered as something positive, consumerism has its drawbacks.

When the economy is doing well increased consumer spending is a good thing. But when things turn around it becomes a headache. Debts are on rise when people are being laid off.

This buy it all mentality pushed by massive marketing campaigns takes undue advantage of the poor consumer. We are made to believe that these are our life essentials whereas they just push us towards a 40 hour work week that consumes our lives.

Consumerism among us justifies that we need to work this much. But in reality we are working jobs we hate and are increasingly buying things we don’t need. It just satisfies the greed of the producer, the corporations, and the business elites that will always be taking advantage of us.

It is for us to decide, whether we break these chains or keep being exploited.