Why People with Blood Type O Are so Special

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


It is a known fact that most of our cunning and aggressive ancestor with predator like qualities had the prima blood type, type O.

Even today almost all of the important roles in the society are taken over by people with this blood type. People with O type blood are found to possess leadership qualities, proactivity, sharp focus and the very best of qualities. They are usually the most powerful and productive people around.

This is not all. There are major difficulties people with blood type O face on a daily basis. Whenever things get tough for them, they react to the stress badly. The showcase anger and hyperactivity, and most of their decisions are impulsive.

Usually their anger at the world keeps them from focusing on things that would help like a proper balanced diet and regular exercise. These habits adversely affect their bodies. People with O type blood usually complain about their stress levels. It is due to their irregular metabolism, insulin resistance and obesity.

The most common diseases in people with O type blood are dysfunction of thyroid gland, hormone disturbances, and iodine deficiency.

What Makes This Blood Type so Unique?



In some countries people give a lot of importance to the blood type. In Japan candidates were inquired about their blood type when they appeared for a job interview. They prefer people who possess blood type O, because they turn out to be more responsible, organized, rational, and dedicated to the job.

One of the reasons supporting this widespread belief is that their ancestors were hunters who had to focus intensively to provide food for survival. This developed areas of brain that help with logic and focus.

Not everything about O type blood groups is good news. They are more prone to diseases of all sorts especially ulcers and thyroid gland dysfunction due to the increased amount of stress in their lives.

One research concluded that people with blood type O are likely to have excessive amounts of acids in their stomach. They are the ones complaining about high acidity and difficulties in digestion.

Continued exposure to stress makes people with this blood type to indulge in destructive behavior. They seek excitement and thrill in their lives, which pushes them in to gambling and impulsive lifestyles.

People with O type blood must be careful about their Caffeine and alcohol consumption. They tend to raise adrenaline level in the blood which for them is already over the normal level. To handle these issues people with O type blood must work out regularly.