Got any friends who are so nice it’s unbelievable? Well, here’s what the jury had to say about people who pretend to be super nice. According to a new study, people who are overly polite are more likely to betray you. There are people you come across everyday who kiss up to you for no apparent reason. You might think you’re just that likeable but in reality, you’re not. Watch out! If they try to butter you up, this could be a sign that you should heed.

Faking kindness to win

There’s a huge difference between sickly sweet and someone who is genuinely nice. The key is to look for passive aggressive behaviors and mannerisms. People who pretend to be super nice put a nice front but underneath that nice front, there’s an insecure manipulative mess of a person. They fake kindness to win your heart.

Nice is not the same as loyal

The study involved participants who were asked to play a strategy game in which the players had to negotiate and form alliances using their diplomacy skills and it turned out people who acted overly nice were more likely to backstab their opponents. This pretty much suggests that you can get thrown off by someone who pretends to be overly nice.

Betrayal usually wear a smile

Words and smiles are more dangerous than the wars. Only territories are won by wars while games are won by words. According to the findings “Sudden changes in the balance of conversational attributes, such as positive sentiment, politeness or focus on future planning signal impending betrayal”. In other words, if someone starts being overly nice to you, it’s time to run.

Betrayal can be signaled by sudden changes

Researchers say that betrayal can be foreseen by the sudden changes in the language overly polite people use. Playing nice might be a good strategy but playing it safe can be even better.
Our hearts are not really that good at predicting betrayals but linguistic cues can indicate signs of betrayal. You can be gossiped, lied and stabbed in the back all in the same time by a friend who had a smile on their face. The same could also be said about an enemy who has been a known enemy for really long but decides to change their tune all of a sudden.

Not all that smiles is nice

They say always trust your instincts, if it suggests that something is wrong, them something actually is wrong. There are people out there who live to feed off of the kindness of others and there are also people who use this trait to make you drop your guard for their own means. It is a form of manipulation that we experience everyday but aren’t bothered enough to notice. Things aren’t always what they seem. There’s always two sides to a coin, you just need to flip it in a way that you get to see both the sides.