This Is What Happens to Your Lungs, Brain and Mood When You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp

By Tapoos Readers | December 26, 2016


1. Himalayan Salt Lamps Purify and Freshen the Air

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Himalayan salt lamps have amazing benefits and people around the world use them for their ability to purify the air by eliminating pollen spores, cigarette smoke and other contaminants from the air.

These incredible little lamps are able to achieve this owing to their hygroscopic properties. In simpler words Himalayan Salt Lamps attract moisture from the surrounding environment along with all the other contaminants that are attached to these water molecules.

When Himalayan salt lamps heat up they evaporate the water molecules back into the atmosphere while all the contaminants remain stuck to the salt lamp.

2. Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Significantly Reduce Symptoms of Asthma and Allergy

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Because of their hygroscopic properties they can absorb all irritants and allergens from the air making these lamps very beneficial for people suffering from different forms of allergies and asthma.

3. Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Help in Reducing Coughs

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Salt lamps absorb all the positive ions from the air which are mostly emitted by the electronics used in our homes.

Positive ions when breathed in large quantities can affect the cilia (small hair like structures) lining your trachea and reduce their performance in stopping contaminants from reaching our lungs.

Salt lamps when heated can also give off negative ions which can improve your cilial activity and boost your immunity against irritants.

4. Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Boost Your Energy Levels

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The negative ions emitted by a Himalayan salt lamp not only ease coughing but they also boost our energy levels.

We tend to feel tired surrounded by positive ions because they rob our bodies of energy.

Keeping a Himalayan salt lamp lit in your room can significantly boost you energy levels.

5. Himalayan Salt Lamps Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

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Being surrounded by electronics 24/7 we are virtually exposed to an ocean of electromagnetic radiation.

Prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation can have a lot of bad effects on your well being. High stress levels and weak immunity are few of the many problems electromagnetic radiation can cause.

The negative ions emitted by Himalayan salt lamps can help neutralize the electromagnetic radiation in your living space. Himalayan salt lamps should be placed near the electronic devices that are used frequently.

6. Himalayan Salt Lamps Help You Sleep Better

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Prolonged exposure to positive ions can affect the quality of your sleep. This is due to the fact that positive ions reduce the supply of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Being negative ion generators, Himalayan Salt Lamps can neutralize the air give you a much better sleep.

7. Himalayan Salt Lamps Help Improve Your Focus & Mood

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Because Himalayan salt lamps can improve the blood and oxygen supply to your brain by emitting negative ions they can significantly improve your focus and mood. An increased supply of blood and oxygen to the brain causes the production of Serotonin aka Happy Hormone.

8. Treat Seasonal Affective Disorder

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The warm glow given off by Himalayan salt lamps can reduce the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder.

Keeping a Himalayan salt lamp in your room this winter will certainly help you fight seasonal affective disorder.

9. Himalayan Salt Lamps Can Cut Down on the Static Electricity in the Atmosphere

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Ever been zapped by static charge? well you won’t have to worry about it anymore because Himalayan salt lamps can reduce the static charge in the atmosphere owing to their neutralization properties.

10. Himalayan Salt Lamps Are an Environmentally-Friendly Light Source

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As salt reserves are in abundance and won’t be running out anytime soon, well not for at least 350 years or so. Salt lamps can be an excellent choice from a sustainability and environmentally friendly perspective.

Other than that the bulb used in Himalayan salt lamps consume very little electricity and can help you cut down on your electricity costs.