It Is Good to Be Liked Ladies but What Is so Much Better Is to Be Valued

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


Liking someone, and actually valuing someone have a very little difference. The fact, that someone likes us is what we get more concerned about and in the process we are unable to ponder upon how being valued is more important. It is good to be liked, but what is so much better is to be valued.

I have got a certain addiction with my phone. Whenever I am bored it gives me company, I can use it to distract myself and it mostly does as I say, but do I value it? I don’t think so. I handle it carelessly, it gets dropped from my hands, sometimes it gets broken too and when it does I am looking for a replacement. It’s absolutely great when it’s in my use, but once it’s having problems like it hangs and stops working I tend to look for upgrading it. In the end, it’s just a phone.


This is the difference between liking and valuing, and the gap is certainly huge.

If somebody showers with you appealing comments which make you feel absolutely special, but when you look at their actions. They do not justify what they say, then don’t be with them.

Stop standing in the corner waiting for a man who expresses his love for you, but when it comes to doing something, he follows using the same excuse that it’s not the right time for it.

Your life is precious. Don’t waste your time trying to gain his attention because you can’t be hanging for an entire lifetime for somebody who just likes you. You might be liked to be many, but you need somebody who not only likes you but also values you.

You are worthy of someone who knows the value of being with you. It is important for him to be with you. You should be his better half, which distinguishes him from others and is the reason for him to keep climbing up the ladder.


If he values you then you will be the most important person for him and that’s the highest standard for liking someone.

If you are appreciated for the role you play in his life, then it means you are valued. It reflects his respect for you and your feelings for him. It shows that he doesn’t try to make you seem disparaged and when something better comes his way he won’t kick you to the curb. He cherishes being with you because he truly cares about what you feel and believe in.

Tell yourself that your principles hold a greater importance to you than a man who can’t keep his words.

Claiming to have values, and being very firm with them doesn’t fulfill its meaning. You got to realize that the company you keep reflects a lot on how you regard of your values.

You degrade your value, by being with someone who doesn’t value you. It’s a true indicator that you can be taken for granted.


If you believe in spending a life filled with love, trust and respect, then you just can’t settle for something as less as not being valued. Cater somebody who can fully invest in you to make your relationship stronger and moreover show that you are valued. Don’t just let him follow his excuses only because you are scared to let him go. By compromising your beliefs you are only hurting your self-esteem and dignity internally.

For how long will you be wondering where you went wrong, and how could you make him invest in you more? If you have let down your values for him, then there is nothing more which you can do for him. If you are trying to change him, then not everyone changes with love. They are not who you are trying to make them, so nothing will help, not even love.

In order to be treated right, you should know your value.


Being liked by a man doesn’t mean that he will treat you respectfully and show what you are worthy of. You can’t drown by falling in the water or staying in there, you got to swim out of it and find the shore where you are loved, cared and valued. If you invest in yourself, you will get the value you deserve. And only then other people will stop taking you for granted.

Show the world your worth by loving yourself and don’t allow someone to take you for granted. Listen what others have to say, but never lose your own voice.