Why Children Need Their Parents to Teach Them About Consent

By Tapoos Readers | January 5, 2017


Most of the time we are pushing our shy kids to be friendly towards our friends and relatives. What we do not know about it is that pushing them to hug or kiss a new person gives them a wrong message about consent.

Internet got abuzz with a meme spreading like wildfire. It was a picture of a little girl that read “I am 5. My body is my body. Don’t force me to kiss or hug.” Excerpts of the article “I don’t own my child’s body” involved most of the parents out there in to the debate. In her article, Katia Hetter, has pointed out that forcing them to be affectionate to unfamiliar individuals promotes behaviour that will leave them vulnerable to abusers.

Please share your ideas on how you think it might affect your children.

This Meme on Consent and Children Got Viral Giving Air to Controversy




This started off when Katia Hetter posted “I don’t own my child’s body”



Her post supported the argument that unwanted affection towards children leads them to believe that they do not own their bodies. It is alarming. We teach them to be vulnerable to abuse.



The discussion got a boost when parents started sharing their concerns on the issue



Many of the parents shared their stories. They agreed on the distress caused to children when they are forced to hug or kiss someone unfamiliar




There were people who vehemently opposed the idea




It is important for us to speak on things that may harm our children