Every Woman Must Learn to Destroy Jerks Just like Kat Havoc

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


This comedian from Missouri, Kat Havoc is regularly updating her Facebook about her online dating experiences. This poor guy, who had no clue about who he was pursuing, tried the “negging” play on her.



Negging works in a very crude way. It happens when men intensively and deliberately hurl verbal and emotional attacks at women to hurt their self-esteem. The idea of it is to shatter their self-confidence that when these women are approached they are more inclined to sleep with the men.

It is something terribly disgusting. But, this time it went very wrong for the guy. He ended up being the jerk in a conversation gone viral.



Despite Kat’s carefree initial response the guy just pushed on making disgraceful remarks about her appearance till she got him back.



It would have given a guy a lot to think about. It is just that being a guy you are unaware of how it feels to be subjected to such derogatory dating tricks. Whenever anyone of you guys feel like doing something that is even remotely similar just think about this guy.

But it is not the first time Kat has dealt with a creep behind a screen like that. She shot down a whole bunch of creeps.



Once in a while she comes across guys who tell her that she is good at it.



Another one just stuck on to her but she had a good time hitting him on the head with numerous blows.





All the women should celebrate Kat’s witty responses to these creepy guys who need to know that a strong woman knows her place.