An Elderly Couple Goes Viral with This Beautiful Naked Portrait

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


A portrait featuring a naked elderly couple recently went viral on social media. The couple in their 70’s is shown embracing each other in the portrait, the reason why their portrait has gone viral is because it shows how true love can withstand the test of time.

Darwin is 70 and her partner Gerry who is 75 have been together for more than two decades. Even after being together for such a long amount of time the purity and strength of their relationship radiates in their heart-warming portrait.

A photographer from Arizona named Jade Beall took these amazing snaps, and as soon as these images went live on her social media, they instantly went viral bringing in more than 35000 likes and around 20,000 shares. Jade Beall is an antagonist of the mere superficial standards of beauty that make the popular culture.

She questioned the standards of beauty on her Instagram asking everyone why there has to be one set superficial standard for beauty? Why is it that people can’t register millions of definitions of beauty in their brainS because every human being is beautiful in their own way.

After the staggering response that the couple’s portrait received on social media, Gerry wrote a very heartwarming letter to the photographer. In his letter, he said that our picture is a testament to the fact that wrinkly old sagging bodies are not obstacles in the way of love, sadly most people have made it out to be that way.

He compared his love for Darwin with fine wine that has been aged, he said that their love has grown to an all-time high in their 70’s and their bond becomes stronger with each passing day.

Without further ado, Let us share Gerry and Darwins Beautiful portraits with you: