Your Best Chance to Conceive a Baby Is on January 2nd 10:36pm

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


This report pinpoints the exact date and time for couples to have sex if they want to get a baby.



This study was financed by Channel Mums. The results of the study indicate that over 23% of the people wanted that they should conceive a baby during the holiday period. In the last few years around 17% had conceived a baby during the Christmas season.

In Britain 26th September is the day highest numbers of babies are born, more than any other day of the year. It is exactly 38 weeks apart from January 2nd informally known to be as the ‘national-baby-making-day’.

What motivates couples to come closer over the Christmas period?

73% responded that more free time during this period allows them to come together

48% responded that it was due to the merry vibes of Christmas

36% blamed it on drinking in the holidays

28% said that the festivities bring out their romance

27% of the parents wanted their child to be born in September so they are oldest among their school peers


 PA Press Association

None of these explain why 2nd January gets to be the best date to conceive. The most agreeable assumption among all is that with too much excitement over the Christmas and New Year’s Eve it is the night of 2nd January when couples get to stay in an relax.

By relax you know what I mean.

Among the couples who reported to have sex on 2nd January, 71 % of them narrowed their time to anywhere around 10:30.

Those who have tried to have a baby would know that it is not a one-time thing. 40 %t of the couples reported to have sex every day and 16 % boasted that it was more than two times a day.

Desperate couples try every guideline given to them by researchers and medical specialists that would increase the chances of conceiving. Of those surveyed 16 % strictly controlled their diet and 30 % would work out more regularly.