8 Stories of Women who Learnt a Lot by Dating the Wrong Guy

By Tapoos Readers | January 6, 2017


It is quite scary how we can fall in love with a person so quickly without even considering the long term possibilities of your relationship. All of us have been through this, but women have felt it the most because women fall in love more easily than men do.

Tapoos shares 8 stories of women who learned a lot by dating the wrong guy.

1. “I Learned to Put Myself First.”



“Before getting married to my current husband I was in a serious relationship with a guy and he taught me a good lesson. And the lesson was to put me first and not last especially for a man that doesn’t care for me at all.

My ex-boyfriend had played with my mind so much that I was constantly thinking about getting his approval for anything I did. But when we broke up I realized that my relationship wasn’t a very healthy one. A person that loves you will never let you put yourself last.” Jenn, 29

2. “I Learned Life Can Actually Be Beautiful.”



“At 24 I had gotten into a relationship with this guy and in hindsight, I knew that we weren’t going far but I don’t know why I went with it. We had disagreements but what was quite wonderful was his taste in arts, music, and aesthetics. The way he carried himself and how made people around him feel. Being around him just made my world beautiful and I realized the worth of good taste. Although we didn’t get married but it was a very beautiful experience” Kate, 33

3. “I Learned to Enjoy the Current Moment and Stop Worrying About the Future.”



“I spent some time with a guy who was not from the USA and I realized that it’s good to just live in the moment and not worry about the future. This guy was very handsome and adventurous and we came from totally different backgrounds… although in my heart I knew we weren’t going far but still I really enjoyed the time that I spent with him.” Allie, 26

4. “I Learned Not to Base Everything on Attraction.”



“I was incredibly attracted to one of my friends but he was in a relationship at the time. Later on, he was single and we finally got the chance to date …but I realized that attraction isn’t everything because we were just too different from each other.” Kourtney, 29

5. “I Learned to Call It a Day Early.”

“When you are young it is a lot of fun to meet and date new people. But after dating many guys I have realized that I need to learn to call it a day early. A few dates are enough to find out if the person is right for you or not …Girls tend to waste years with guys just to realize later that he is not the right one.” Vanessa, 33

6. “I Learned You Can’t Bring About a Change in Anyone.”



“I was in a relationship with a guy who basically had everything a girl could ask for. But having said that he was also absent when I needed him. He would give me money but not his love or his time. I was in love with him and I wanted him to change but sadly he didn’t change and I realized that you can never really bring about a change in another person.” Lindsay, 28

7. “I Learned I Only Need Myself to Be Happy.”



“I kept looking for happiness in others and I was always left disappointed. I realized that a person that you love can just merely augment your happiness and not create it from the ground up. With that realization, I knew that I only need myself to be happy.” Tracy, 35

8. “I Learned That Life Doesn’t Stop.”



“I got out of a long time relationship and I was completely broken. In the meanwhile, I met an incredibly nice gentleman on my way to work. Although I knew that we weren’t going to be together forever but he was the one that made me realize that I was sexy and wanted again.” Megan, 27