8 Ways Your Eyes Warn You About Your Health

By Tapoos Readers | December 28, 2016


A lot can be known about how a person feels by looking at their eyes. You can do an experiment to check this out. Just watch your eyes after waking up and compare them with your eyes before going to sleep at the end of a tiring day.

Eyes are known to be the windows of the soul. Soul or not they do tell a lot about our health condition.

The team at Tapoos shares things your eyes tell you about your health.

1. Permanent Sty


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You will agree that the most annoying feeling is the pain and irritation caused by a sty. It appears as a lump on the eyelid. Red in color it occurs because of blockage in sebaceous gland. Normally it goes away after a few days.

In the case it persists longer than that, other than being a major inconvenience it is a symptom of sebaceous gland carcinoma. You better book an appointment with the doctor.

2. Eyebrow Loss


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There are many known reasons for eyebrow loss. Just to name a few one loses eyebrows due to age, stress or if you are suffering from Alopecia areata. Commonly known as spot baldness, this disease is found in less than one percent of the population.

Another reason for eyebrow loss is hypothyroidism. It causes hair to thin and this is visible through a loss in eyebrow volume. It happens due to abnormality in thyroid gland. Shortage of thyroid hormones is major cause of concern and a doctor should be immediately consulted.

3. Blurred Vision


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After spending hour in front of screens it is obvious that eyes will strain. Excessive straining causes “dry eye syndrome” or “digital eye strain”. With so many devices around us our eyes burn and we have complaints of blurred vision. Look out for burning eyes and check with a doctor about your condition.

4. Blind Spots



A blind spot in your field of vision is a serious concern. It is more alarming if blurred spot is surrounded with sparkling dots or wavy lines. These cause severe headaches and lead to migraine.

If you have similar symptom you should visit your doctor and find what triggers the blind spots.

5. Bulging Eyes


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Do you ever feel that your eyes are getting bigger and bigger and with that you seem to lose a bit of clarity in your vision? Usually this feeling goes away when we blink or rub our eyes.

It is a serious issue if this feeling doesn’t go away. Try closing your eyes. If there is any difficulty visit the nearest doctor immediately.

6. Yellow Whites


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One can’t get away with a yellow white in their eye. It is immediately noticeable and even if you don’t see it in the mirror the first person who sees you will tell you that.

This is a symptom of a dysfunctional liver, gallbladder or bile ducts. These are major health issues and you should call a doctor.

7. Cloudy Vision With Diabetes



Diabetic patients give huge importance to visual cues. They take “cloudy vision” as a warning sign. In case of diabetic retinopathy a patient’s blood vessels in the retina are damaged. A specialist must be consulted to address the issue seriously.

8. Vision Loss Before Stroke



A sudden change is vision is the last warning call before a stroke. Any time you notice something funny with your ability to see immediately ask for medical help. These signs warn you of an oncoming stroke.